Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

UPND Alliance partner Nason Msoni says the people of Eastern Province should not repeat the 1991 mistake of remaining behind change.

In an interview after he escorted the Kasenengwa UPND candidate Beauty Undi-Phiri to file her nomination at Chiparamba sub-centre on Monday, Msoni, who is also All Peoples Congress leader, said the country was programmed to change government next month.

“I wish to urge the people of Eastern Province not to make the same mistake they made in 1991 by lagging behind, by remaining behind change. This year in August, this country is programmed to change government because the PF government has lamentably failed to deliver the deliverables to the people, talebwekelapo pamupando (He’s not retaining the presidency),” he said.

Msoni said one who has not performed cannot be retained.

“The presidency is not for those who seek personal aggrandisement. The presidency is a serious office for people who want to deliver a nation out of poverty, to uplift the living standards of the people,” he said. “If it’s about you and your friends, I am afraid you have lost the argument for remaining in government.”

Msoni said the people of Eastern Province must be part of the process of change.

“The people of Eastern Province cannot afford the luxury of remaining in the sidelines and embracing a party that has failed to deliver deliverables to our people,” he said. “So mweo mwayangu osasalila vuli, tiyeni tikatizyane nayasu chalo chonse kuchinja boma la feluka (my colleagues, don’t remain behind. Let’s unite with our colleagues throughout the country in changing the government which has failed). If there are no drugs in hospitals, it means the government has failed. If the government is failing to repair roads, it means the government has failed.”

Msoni said if a government fails to give people cheap fertiliser, it means it has failed.

“Our citizens are fatigued with corruption and grand theft of public resources and we are saying enough is enough. This is where the change starts and we should all rally behind our flag bearer, presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema to assume office of President on 12 August 2021,” said Msoni. “Not only are we going to win but we are going to get a government that will be responding to the needs of our people. The time has come, the hour has come. Now is the time to change government.”


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