FREE ADVISE – Chomba Kaoma

When the PF was about to loose power despite all the developmental Projects we completed the HH syndrome entered our Mouths so bad. Cooking oil Goes up we blamed HH, Load-shedding we blamed HH, Gassing we blamed HH, the poor performance of the kwacha we also blamed HH until 2021 came and we realized that we spent time Campaigning for HH using our own platforms!!

This ECL syndrome imwe Tu UPND have developed will cost you one day Currently there are no Medicines in hospitals, Mealie Meal and Cooking oil prices are sky rocketing, the Kwacha is depending on BOZ interventions, the people you Promised Jobs in the first quarter of your leadership are still Roaming the streets, contractors are now committing suicide to save them selfs from debt, Fuel Prices are hitting record high prices and instead of worrying about the impending Fertilizer shortage and how you plan to prevent it from affecting our farmers!! You are here busy with ECL, the hatred you people have for the former head of state won’t help you Govern for now let ECL rest and focus on the people of Zambia Naimwe 2026 will find you still talking about ECL that’s when you will know how indeed you messed up!!
Chomba Kaoma
Napita mukwai


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