THIS TRIBAL TALK NOW IRRITATES ME ….when some citizens in a nation deliberately choose to go petty- Prof. Edgar Ng’oma


THIS TRIBAL TALK NOW IRRITATES…ME .when some citizens in a nation deliberately choose to go petty

……as President Hichilema is in line with his appointments respecting the constitution Article 259 of the laws of Zambia which guides to spread his appointments across ethnic and tribal divide.

Prof. Edgar Ng’oma Philosopher/Political Analyst/Governance fellow.

Thursday 21st December 2023.

“For my people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4 v 6 . End of quote

Indeed a lot of people have died because they consumed food which has poison in it without them like we every at every breakfast some of us who like to sweeten our tea. We consume poison.
Others have perished because they ventured into dangerous undertakings without knowledge of calamity awaiting ahead of them.
Let me state here that the philosophy of life has been deliberately designed this way so that each person is relevant. What do I mean?

No single person has the monopoly of wisdom. In short no matter how intelligent a person can be, he will not know everything in this life. Knowledge has been spread and distributed or made available to different persons proportionately each person to function in a certain way unique from anyother person. Take for instance a Medical Doctor who wants to fly from one country to another. He will need the services of thousands if not millions of people to traveltoand from.
First he requires a travel document, the department of Passport must do their part. But before he goes to national Passport office he needs to visit a photo studio to obtain a Passport size photo. But again, before he goes to the stúdió, because he will be required to pay for both the photo and Passport and fuel in his car, he needs to have money, to do that he will require the services of a bank.
But before he goes to the bank, he needs to take a bath, and that water in the shower room is provided by a water utility company who has thousands of employees to provide water resource. In the bath room he need shower gél, soap,töoth paste and towel etc all these components of toiletries have each a company that manufactures them and each one of these companies employs thousands of people.

What I am trying to demonstrate in this narrative is that each one of us is inadequate on our own, we need each other because in this life everything in the universe has its use. Again, the fact that you may not know the use of a particular thing, that does not mean something is useless, NO, it is only you who does not know but there are other people who know what you do not know. This is why we need to respect every one because each person has a devine function through the philosophy of omniscent =all knowing, omniscent potent=all powerful and omnipresent = supernatural presence in every thing in the universe.

Lets take for instance those things that you throw in the dust/rubbish bins, for you, it is done, you have no further use for it, but for a recycling company that rubbish is wonderful raw material.

Going back to our medical doctor example of life philosophy of interdependance, an MD who wants to fly to another country, for him to just do that he will require services hundred of thousands or millions of people by the time he does a round trip to and from two destinations.

This illustrative example of a Medical Doctor gives me authority for us to educate and inform each other on this forum that I too in my specialization which is philosophy, governance and political Science in which I have authority, I would like to guide as follows over society and its management.


This Global world/village as big as it looks today, it started with one person, a man. Ignore those with crazy theories of how this life began, they were also not there just as I was not there when everything began. But let deal with reality of what is consistent here.The pyramid hierachy in governance is as I will share and guide below, and this hasevolved over years but it does not change in principle and functionality.

  1. On top is the family. Here a father is on the top most, head of his family. Then followed by his clans members. Then thousands of his clan members make a tribe.
  2. So many clan members and tribe in their thousands make a section a governance and political structure.
  3. Tens of sections make up a ward.

Remember at a family level unity is required and WhatsApp groups have been formed for family members to interact with each to discuss social economic challenges they may be passing through and how they can improve their own welfare.

Remember that at every stage or pyramid level of this structure members form groups. Tribesmembers for purposes and desire to live in harmony with each other and also inorder to network to solve social economic challenges they face every day the form groups giving these groups different names according to the occasion and objective for which it is created.

  1. Tens of wards make a constituency.
  2. Tens of constituencies or a couple of them make a district.
  3. Tens of districts make up a province.
  4. A couple of provinces sometimes tens of them make up a state/nation/country.
  5. Tens of nations make a region such as 14 nations make up SADC REGION (Southern Africa development community). And tens of countries make ECOWAS a west Africa economic block etc.
  6. All the 5 regions of Africa plus the latest one State of the African diaspora which is the 6th region of Africa formed by African rooted out Africa against their will sold into slave trade have come together to contribute to the social economic order of main land Africa, all the 6 regions make up the continent of Africa.
  7. The 5 continents of the world make up one global village.

Now, it is very irritating to hear people rebelling each other as tribal when you look at the pyramid and narrative, there is no one speaking about a tribe!

A tribe in this governance hierachy or pyramid is number three and the province which is a contecious topical issue currently in Zambia as ignited by a United Eastern province which in a local narrative is simply translated as UMODZI KUMAWA is on number 6 in our governance pyramid.

At any of the above narrative, at each governance stage there is a leader. Yes a leader.

  1. In a Family the leader is the father.
  2. For the clan the leader is a village headman

3.In a Tribe the leader is, a chief, Senior Chief,Paramountancy confederacy and king.

  1. have a Chairman
  2. At a ward you have a councillor.

6.At a Constituency you have a member of Parliament.

  1. At a district you have as a leader a DISTRICT COMMISSIONER.
  2. At a province you have a provincial Minister as a leader.
  3. In a nation you have a head of state either a president or a King where the establishment is a mornachy.
  4. Then a region of nations in a continent is headed by a regional chairperson.
  5. Then the continent eg in Africa we have another continental body which comprise the 5 regions of Africa known as African union headed by a CHAIRPERSON.
  6. Then all the 5 continents form one global body called United Nations and it is headed by a Secretary General.

If you look at the 13 hierachy of leadership I have outlined above you will notice that the beginning of our pyramid it was a father Masculine who is head and we have ended with UN Secretary General another Masculine as head, very consistent reality.

So that who is talking tribal, and who is acting tribal, and who is living tribal. This talk is an illusion because in Eastern province for example no one at any time promoted tribal unity which has always existed naturally. The unity we saw of Easterners in the early years after getting our independence from Britain was unity of a region not tribe because Eastern region has more than 8 big tribes with Chewa being the majority.

After 4 years of independence a young political party in government with youthful leaders like Kenneth David Kaunda who was 44 years old at the time in 1968 when his Vice President Reuben chitandika Kamanga was defeated in an intra party elections by Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe who conspired with southerners in an alliance with northerners defeated Kamanga and in protest United Easterners was born. Touch one, you have touched all.(UMODZI KUMAWA).

Today who has been defeated in which election, and who wants to secede? No one want from Eastern province want to secede/break away. If there are a few individuals who have such intentions I can assure the world our chiefs will not allow that to happen. Worse still, the ordinary peace loving Easterners will not allow that politically motivated kind of ideologies. NO.

We now are in the process of regrouping to form various Developmental groups with inclusive of all easterners to led by none politically exposed persons. Strictly for social economic transformation of the province. No one from the East is planning to remove a people’s ligitimate an all inclusive national government led by his Excellency Republican President Hakainde Hichilema. This I can assure the President and the nation.


This topic of tribe must come to and end now to allow the nation to celebrate festival season in peace and harmony. It lacks merit and it has no space in Zambia as we love to as ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

The President of the Republic of Zambia in his exercise of powers invested in him and with due respect to the rule of law, using Article 259 of the laws of Zambia which dictate tribal and ethnicity balance, in his appointment President HH appointed Zambia Air Force Commander from Eastern province when opposition political party leaders have been accusing him of sideling people from Northern and Eastern region in his appointments. I personally expressed gratitude in this appointment and of course many other deserving appointments of people from other regions other than South, West and North west.
Mr. President continue with this spirit of unifying the nation with meritocracy appointments. Do more of such appointments as Zambia has human resource to help you realise the dream you have for the country.

To all my readers and all citizens of the Global village please enjoy your festival season.

I submit.

Prof. Edgar Ng’oma is a modern philosopher, a political activist, political scientist, commentator and recently this year, he is a distinguished fellow with chartered institute of peace and governance Texas USA.


  1. All those that speak about tribe have a thinking deficiency, we should all look at ourselves as Zambian’s first and no one must run to look at tribe when any appointment is done, we are Zambian’s first. I am advocating for stiffer penalties for those that are inclined to talk about tribe at ever turn because that is retrogressive. The gains that our founding father made must not be destroyed but a few disgruntled people who have nothing to offer but division. Let’s us move forward as one. When we divide this country we will all suffer.

    • Very funny.

      We looked at tribal appointments during PF, and you never complained then.

      Now that tribalism is the other around, you want to arrest anyone that complains?

      Very bad manners.

  2. Mr Prikhead Tribe Ngoma, Kumawa champion just admit that you have fully exposed yourself so that we know who you really are.
    Most of knew who you are so you have just confirmed we already knew.
    No matter how much you try and sanitise your tribalism as development, it can never into real development, it will remain tribalism and people will see it for what it is.
    The problem with people like you Ngoma, is that out of your Philosophy studies, you think you can mystify something like Tribalism as development. That’s a joke old man. People already know what development looks like. They see kids go to school freely, nurses being recruited, violence eliminated from markets, etc. But they won’t see Umodzi Kumawa when you the chief advocate live in Lusaka.
    Instead, we will see Ngoma, the mad professor of Tribalism calling it “development” in his crazy philosophical myth of development.
    We are not fools, Mr Large Head, you’re the one that has become mad and kidding no one but yourself. Fool.


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