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FROM today we are not going to allow any stupidity of insulting the President, let us stand up and defend the President, Copperbelt UPND chairman Elisha Matambo has told party members.

“You can’t make this country ungovernable. We will tie you with wires,” he said.

Addressing UPND members in Kabushi on Sunday, Matambo who is also Copperbelt minister said freedom of speech does not mean freedom of insults.

“Give Hakainde Hichilema chance to govern the country.

Instead of appreciating what the UPND administration is doing for the people you are busy insulting. President HH wants to unite the country. It’s not a sign of weakness, give us chance we govern,” Matambo said.

“From today, we are not going to allow any stupidity of insulting the President. Let us stand up and defend the President. We have achieved a lot so go out and explain to the people what the administration is doing.

If other provinces fail to defend the President, Copperbelt will come and defend him.”

He said President Hichilema had promised to reunite the country and he was walking the talk.

“President Hakainde is the President for Zambia, which involves everyone. We only have one country.

That is the President who God sent for the Zambian people. Corruption, there is absolutely nothing (vindictive). He wants to fight corruption,” Matambo said.

“Now if he is fighting corruption and you say tribal; tribal what? It is the Zambian people that wanted to fight corruption and President Hakainde Hichilema is just a messenger for the people.

This issue of fuel it is because of the war in Ukraine.

But once the war ends and the economy picks up, fuel will come down and everyone will enjoy.”
And Matambo said the PF today should be ashamed.

He cautioned PF members against turning freedom of speech into freedom of insults.

“And today they should be apologising for their evil in 10 years. Today if they are a serious people, they should be apologising every day.

People died under the PF because of numerous reasons. People lost everything because of the PF.

People used to fear to go to Intercity [Bus Terminus] to get on the bus. The PF the other day, they held a meeting, did anyone attack the PF? If today you want to do anything, do it,” he said. “Today, the PF has turned the freedom of speech to freedom of insults.

Let me now warn them, President Hakainde Hichilema who you insulted, he was just a UPND president, but today he is the Republican President. But if you turn the freedom of speech to freedom of insults, from today, “tatwamileke” (we will not spare you).

We will not allow you to insult him in the morning, afternoon and evening. Insulting and freedom and checks and balances are two different things. I think you who are insulting you know yourselves. Those that are insulting, icindikeni (respect yourselves).

Our President, a Church elder, has told us to forgive you and you think we are foolish. If it’s here on the Copperbelt just open your mouth and insult, you will see! You should blame yourself.

A President should be respected whether you like him or not.”Matambo said even Jesus Christ used to beat when he was not happy with people’s behaviour.

“Even Jesus used to beat when he went to a Church and found them gambling. Let us do politics, we are not stopping anyone to criticise.

You can’t criticise free education, you can’t make this country ungovernable. We will tie you with wires,” said Matambo. “Let Hakainde run and govern this country by the mandate given to him by the Zambian people.

The rule of President Hakainde Hichilema will go on well because he is under the guidance of God.

Zambians want peace, and if there is anyone who wants to bring confusion, let them prepare for themselves.”

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