By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba
Part 2: Those who play game of chess understand that no piece is irrelevant in the game.

Another observation is very worrying.
I just saw the ECZ timetable for filing in nominations.

HH has been placed on Friday fro. 08hrs to 09:30. Secondly, one Zewelani hinted that HH might be arrested on nomination day most likely as he arrives.

Thirdly, it’s a known factor that when one is arrested on a Friday, they have to wait until Monday to be released.
Fourth, nominations will end on Saturday with PAC at 15:30.

In case what one Zewelani was saying has some ounce of truth knowing the king of person she is, the Upnd intelligence must be there to repell this evil act. Remember this is the last chance they have to get HH off the ballot paper.

It’s common sense that when time allocated to you to file your nomination is passed, ecz can not bend just for you. The case of 2016 where some people like Dr John Phiri went late to file his nomination papers, they were rejected. I hope the Upnd has plans to do the needful so that the last nail in the coffin of pf is hit.

Going into the campaign period, if Upnd has people within pf, may they not be quick to leave or be known, they need intelligence from the other camp and thwart any possible electoral malfunction.


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