Enock Tonga

Three presidential aspiring candidates have today filed in their nomination at Lusaka’s Mulungushi Conference center.

3rd Liberation Movement party President Enock Tonga and Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) Sean Tembo filed their nominations this afternoon.

Mr Tonga, with his running mate Bright Choomba, successfully filed his nomination papers before the Electoral Commission of Zambian Chairperson Esau Chulu.

During the post-filling in interview with Journalists, Mr Tonga explained that he has lined up a number of plans to be executed if elected as Republican President.

Revealing his zero corruption when elected, Mr Tonga pointed out that he is positioned to beat all the other 18 aspirants in the presidential race.

“We are ready to face each and every candidates and we are positive that we shall carry the day. Three months into offence all the people that are not Zambians will go back where they came from and Zambians to take up jobs,” he stressed.

And Mr Tembo who successfully filed in their nomination with running mate Henry Muleya projected victory was optimistic that the people of Zambia will give him chance to govern the nation.

He projected that whether he makes it to plot one or not, he will make the most effective opposition that appreciated positive strides recorded by the running party.

Meanwhile, Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Manager Patricia Luhanga explained that only three of the scheduled five presidential candidates have filed their nominations.

Ms Luhanga underscored that UNIP and People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) will file their nomination papers within the course of the week.

Earlier in the day, Republican President Edgar Lungu filed his nominations together with the running mate Professor Nkandu Luo.

The nominations are slated to come to an end on Thursday May 20th ahead of the August 12 general elections.


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