Thuggery Is Part Of UPND DNA, Charges Davies Chama



Patriot Front national chairman Davies Chama has charged that the thuggery that has been going on in politics is a UPND DNA.

Commenting on the statement by home affairs and internal security minister Jack Mwiimbu who said that violent PF cadres are now joining the UPND and Socialist Party leading to the numbers of the Patriot Front dwindling, Chama said that what Mwiimbu meant is that the UPND wants to sustain violence which he said became part and parcel of the UPND from the time President Hakainde Hichilema assumed the position of UPND president following the demise of Anderson Mazoka.

Chama dispelled assertions that PF is a violent political organisation, saying Patriot Front members have always been law abiding citizens who have been practicing politics with decency.

“The Patriot Front has never been a thuggery party, we have been engaging in politics with decency and demonstrated that when we were in opposition and government. When the UPND was in opposition at the time we (PF) were in opposition, the UPND members used to fight with members of the MMD when the MMD was in government. The UPND was not a violent political party under the leadership of late president Anderson Mazoka, may his soul rest in peace. That man was a decent and honest man who was committed to uniting all tribes from all regions of the country,” Chama explained in an interview. “If you have lived long to follow Zambian politics, you will realise that political violence showed its ugly face on the Zambian political scene immediately Anderson Mazoka died and President Hakainde Hichilema became the party president. The problem is that people in this country tend to forget easily. I remember veteran politician uncle Vernon Mwaanga was beaten together with others at the funeral of Anderson Mazoka. Violence in the UPND started from the time Hakainde Hichilema…


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