Tigray fighters demobilised and sent home as ‘heroes’


Ten of thousands of fighters who took part in the civil war in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray have been demobilised – in line with a peace agreement reached last November.

A senior figure in Tigray’s interim administration said more than 55,000 former fighters had been sent home to their communities.

General Tadesse Worde, who was also commander of the Tigray forces in the two-year war against the government, described the former fighters as “heroes who paid sacrifices”.

All sides, including troops from neighbouring Eritrea, were accused of severe rights abuses during the conflict.

Around half a million people were killed in the war and it created a humanitarian crisis with millions now dependent on aid.

However, the suspension of aid by the UN and the US amid reports of looting of food has worsened the situation with continued reports of hunger-related deaths.


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