TikToker AJ Clementine Undergoes Vocal Feminization Surgery


TikToker AJ Clementine shared the before-and-after transformation of her vocal feminization surgery, noting, “every single day it gets better.”

The social media star shared the results of her vocal feminization surgery, posting a before-and-after look at the transformation on TikTok July 23.

“This is week 5 post op, but apparently 6 weeks is where your voice should go back to a more natural tone,” she said in the video. “That’s why up until this point, my voice was very high. Some people saying that I sound like Elmo, but now it’s sounding much more natural and I’m loving it like every single day it gets better.”

The model, who has been socially transitioning since she was 18 years old, also marked the change in her voice with a graph.

“There’s still some people that think I sound like a man, but I’m gonna show you the before and after pitch results,” the 27-year-old said, sharing a pie chart that broke down her voice pitch. “I admit that my voice before surgery wasn’t that bad, but I did have to focus on it and it made me insecure, and it was still 27 percent masculine.”

AJ’s graph showed reading of one percent three weeks after her surgery.

“And this is today’s reading, 0 percent masculine,” she explained. “Honey, the man is gone.”

The vocal procedure comes after the Girl Transcending author underwent gender affirmation surgery at age 22. And even though she’s chronicled her journey on social media, the TikToker noted not everything is for the public.

“I’ve made a pact with myself [because] it helps other people,” she told Refinery29 in 2021, “but then again I always try and make sure that I keep things for myself as well and [I] protect [myself] in terms of who I am as a person.”


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