TIME FOR BLAMING PF IS LONG GONE, START WORKING- Hon Kampyongo implores Government.

……says to make the opposition irrelevant is not to fix their voices but to do what the people are expecting.

Lusaka…..Friday, April 1, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

Former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the New Dawn Administration should stop blaming the previous Administration and start finding solutions to the problems facing the country.

Hon Kampyongo said the UPND must realise that they are in charge and that it is time to find solutions for the people.

And Hon Kampyongo said it is not necessary to fix the voices of those giving checks and balances in order to be at peace.

He said to make those talking irrelevant, the people’s expectations need to be met.

Hon Kampyongo was speaking on Radio Phoenix let the people talk programme.

“Blame game will never work, it cannot even put food on the table. You can only blame your predecessor to a certain extent as a way of trying to buy peace with the people but at some point it will wear out. Let them realise that they are in charge because blame game won’t reduce the fuel price,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Kampyongo said it is Prudent to collectively discuss solutions to the problems facing the country.

“Offering checks and balances also means to also agree in those issues that are being progressive. The issue of fuel is affecting both the Ruling party and the opposition.

If there were mistakes that were made knowingly or unknowingly in our time, that is part of public service. Human beings are prone to mistakes. Even the new dawn Government are not angels,” he said.

In another development, Hon Kampyongo has reiterated that there is need to avoid using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as the only way of implementing the decentralisation policy.

He said CDF should be one among other modules to implement decentralisation.

“If you do not have structures on the ground, it will be very difficult for you to implement decentralisation because some of the districts are far apart. There are still issues that we need to resolve such as empowerment for the youth and women which is supposed to be a revolving fund. Let’s have structures that can deal with the component of Empowerment. The CDF committees may not have the capacity to assess beneficiaries of these empowerment funds and recover the funds,” he said.


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