By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

There is currently the grand theft of the largest political party in Zambia to change its allegiance from the Opposition and shift it to the Ruling Party by taking over the leadership through a stooge and proxy.

When the matter started, the absurdity and illegitimate actions of the whole process appeared to be a grand joke and theatrical darings of a junky.

Police refused to act on reports from the Patriotic Front to stop the illegal meeting despite numerous official reports.

On the day of the event on October 24th 2023, Police ignored the reports from the Patriotic Front to stop the Meeting.


Until the heavy deployment of the state Police, heavy duty equipment and the dedicated coverage from the public broadcaster ZNBC, no one would have realized the great extent to which State House was serious about this project.

Warnings were everywhere when there was a determined attempt to deregister the Patriotic Front earlier this year.

Later on 9th May 2023 Statutory Instrument No. 592 was gazetted, giving new powers to the Registrar of Societies.

The correct legal process would have required an amendment to the Societies Act CAP 119 of the Laws of Zambia.

The Chief Registrar immediately called on political parties to hold elections to replace perceived vacant positions in their ranks within a period of 60days.

On the day of the so-called Extra-Ordinary General Conference, the presence of Deputy Inspector General of Police, Milner Muyambago stationed at Mulungushi International Conference during a holiday and before the Conference took place, processing finger prints for the Registrar of Societies, was another testament of how determined President Hakainde Hichilema was serious about this grand theft of a political party.

Besides, State House had enough experience, a dress rehearsal was done in 2022 with the theft of two parliamentary seats; Kabushi and Kwacha constituency seats, stolen with concerted bully efforts from State House and the shameless full participation of the Judiciary and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).


After the theft of the Party, the PF may have received a temporal jolt in their armoury when former President, Edgar Lungu announced his return to active politics “to rescue the Patriotic Front and Democracy”.

But that could just be a jolt. The battle will be long and drawn-out as State House builds to project the Coup d’état plotter and its stooge, as the legitimate leader of the Patriotic Front.

Of worry is the conspiracy of silence from key stakeholders since October 24th, 2023, when this great assault on democracy began.

This reminds me of Michela Wrongs latest best-selling book; “Do Not Disturb”, The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Wrong, exposing the savagery that lies beneath the surface of a regime hailed by many Western admirers, and their conspicous silence on many atrocities the regime commits.

This demonstrates that this will be a lone fight for the Patriotic Front and its members of Parliament as stakeholders remain mute and institutions such as the Judiciary become co-conspirators to the crime.

The PF may have to endure taunts from Nevers Mumba and the UPND, but the PF Party must remember that UPND is extremely dead serious to battle and bury the party for good, save for the shell and name.


One would think that when the assault was extended to the Judiciary and Parliament, an outpouring of outrage from democracy lovers would inundate the airwaves and the streets.

It was not to be.

British High Commissioner Nicholas Woolley whimpered something about the need by the Police to use proportionate force during maintainance of public order but not on the clear attack on democracy!

With ZNBC and Kalemba driving the propaganda from State House, President Hichilema is determined to use the excuse of Edgar Lungu’s return to active politics as the reason to vanquish the Patriotic Front Party.

Patriotic Front be warned.

It will be a lone fight.

But for those silent voices, let it be known that UPND’s actions will leave lasting damage and dark consequences for our Democracy.


  1. When your president your Job is above fancy words like democracy, you see beyond that, if words like democracy are going to make it easy for a criminal party to come back, and if l am president, l would ensure that l put democracy aside and work to protect the people because that is my responsibility, l can not throw my people in a furnace because of democracy, l would protect them even if l have to do it alone, if per this articles accusation he is or is not involved, l would be happy if he is because you can not allow killers back in the name of democracy, it would be irresponsible

    • You’re now bringing anarchy in the country. That’s extremely dangerous encouraging the head of state to becoming a dictator.

  2. The people have moved away from Hakainde. They can see through him. The political body mass has moved. It will gravitate elsewhere.
    I witnessed a situation today were some upnd cadre wanted to talk about Hakainde’s
    Presser. No one was interested. He became
    Unruly and violent. He was escorted out , and people continued enjoying the gift of Christmas in peace.
    Hakainde is history. He can stand on the highest mountain in Zambia talking about CDF , Meal allowances for Unza/Cbu students, and civil servants recruitments… people have moved, Hakainde and his UPND are gone… People will keep their Zambia.. Hakainde’s Zambia is not for Zambians.

    • Hallucinating Hypocrite panyo pako for thriving on falsehood about Hakainde Hichilema. Keep your poverty to yourself PF criminal iwe.

  3. If you are lazy and don’t know hard work you can never appreciate or identify a working government. You can never appreciate effort. Kunkalila nsima daily is your highest standard. Poverty mindset of some zambians .

  4. Where is the evidence that the downfall of PeeEfu is engineered by State House? Was HH the one who stopped PeeEfu from holding intraparty elections and passing on the names of new office bearers to the Registrar of Societies? PeeEfu should take responsibility for their own failures instead of playing the everlasting victim.

    Man up. Grow some balls. Take responsibility for your own failures. Demonising HH is not a solution.

  5. Problems in PF are a creation of Lungu and his selfish minions. Blaming HH and his UPND government and taking each other to court will not help. The only solution is geuine dialogue.
    As for Lungu, he must just step aside. After all he is the source of confusion.

  6. Mwamba you are talking rubbish, you walk into a restaurant order your meal wait for week and the someone that has already had his meal who walked out that his was full walks back in after a month to say he need another plate of food you let go of yours that you have already ordered only means you not hunger, so leave miles who feel capable, and deserve the opportunity which you don’t want or feel you have the ability to manage. Please keep licking those big lips.

  7. Ba Mwamba, the genesis of the chaos in PF is Mr. Lungu and supporters of the “alebwelelapo” project. PF had no substantive party president for 2 years. Most, if not, all the office bearers were appointed. Was this power vacuum created by the UPND and HH?

    PF thought they were being smart by playing hide and seek pretending that Mr. Lungu had resigned from the PF presidency and PF party when in actual fact he was running the party in the background until Mr. Miles Sampa flushed him out into the open.

    If at all UPND is involved in the woes of PF, it is because PF itself created such fertile ground to sow confusion that they found it irrestible. The confusion in your party, Mr. Mwamba, is entirely the creation of PF.


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