By Edward Roy Makayi.


….Does president Lungu have loyal Intelligence officers telling him the truth what this move Hon Kampyongo did on chief mukuni means to the political presidency of him and PF image? Well as if I care though his lucky chief mukuni gave him 48 hours messing with any Northwestern chief he can’t even have an hour without having his entire generation burnt to ashes instantly….

Well nobody is idolizing Senior Chief Mukuni or may I add high respect by calling him Paramount Chief Mukuni but all we are saying is that when the Bible said touch not my anointed I think chiefs are inclusive. Yes that is it but truth be said someone by the name of Stephen Kampyongo is under a heavy curse and various consequences ahead of him for messing around with sacred people with his political foolishness. It’s fit to tell him in advance that R.I.P already because when I look at him or imagine his life it’s already done he is a moving mummy it’s just a matter of time. Hon Kampyongo has provoked and dared both heavenly Gods supremacy authority bestowed onto chiefs who have been custodial rulers for generations and earthly ancestral lineage of respect embarrassed in that manner either way he is gonna pay a heaviest price of his life.

Where I come from traditional affairs, regulations, rules, conditions or anything that governs the well being of chiefs and traditions is fell safe as sacred.

In a practical example in my culture for instance there are certain instructions we are told as boys not to do and no one is allowed to question why or what happens when one does them. These are instructions from generations to generations nobody knows what the full explanations are but everyone is just taught this is this it should be this nothing like why. Am to tell my son that this is this and it should go on like that. In 2003 one of my relative questioned that instruction against the traditional norm and regulations he was abit older than all of us and well educated than little toddlers some of us where , I was in grade 6 by then and this guy was in grade 10 academically he was more learned than all of us. He vowed to break the instruction and questioned that if someone doesn’t tell him what it means then it’s a foolish metaphor he is not ready to obey. He was warned that going against that was as good as him challenging the authority of the ancestral setup because no one alive can explain anything and get away with it he never listened.

Well against any advise you can think of our colleague never adhered to anything and went ahead to challenge the Luvale traditional setup embarrassed the tradition in public same way Hon Kampyongo has done to the Toka-Leya royal establishment and called himself educated and civilized. Some of us got so shocked and frightened on his behalf because we where taught nobody does that and goes free. There are certain fundamental rules, standards and regulations that are meant to be followed without questioning. A week after breaking the record the guy was okay and moved on like nothing happened, it was a month and another month in the 4th month we all forgot it, it was shocking the sudden turn of events that started happening to our colleague. The guy could shit himself and say he is ok, he can urinate in his trousers and says it’s fine, he would eat without washing hands, at times goes outside naked and says he doesn’t want to dress up. The shocking of them all was after he was making love to his woman he went outside naked and started explaining what happened inside the house. The situation was getting out of hand taken to hospital nothing was found wrong as all body functionally organs where okay including the brain system. He was put under extreme observation to no avail. He was taken to the witch doctor who just said the man died long time ago there was nothing he could do ati he did something very big wrongly and he was killed for it. By the time elders got a clue of what exactly was happening it was about 5 months later and all of us where summoned to witness what daring traditional customs mean. One day he woke up very normal told everyone he was going somewhere all his senses got back to normal and nobody could doubt it. He went to Zambezi river highly infested with crocodiles and threw himself in the river and was eaten like a sandwich cake within a very short time and the story of him ended. Elders gathered us to tell us it was beyond them because he was warned but never listened. Luvale tradition is different from Tonga tradition, Bemba tradition, Ngoni tradition and so on but one thing in common is that tradition of any kind has it’s own heritage that defines it. In my life at whatever level I will never disrespect any traditional leader of any tribe both in Zambia and beyond because where I come from it’s my sacred duty to respect these norms. Hon Kampyongo is uncultured street kid who has no regard because where he is he has no clue what value or importance are traditional rulers in this country beyond politics you should all understand why I take this man because he is useless and has no governance manners at all befitting the status of a Minister he is simply a very useless human being I hope when PF gets zeros in Southern province they should ask their campaign manager Hon Stephen Kampyongo and am urging all Southerners not to give even a single vote to PF for what Kampyongo has done to our respected chief unless one Southerner is a fool beyond repair.

There is literally nothing wrong the Queen of Tonga speaking people did to deserve that embarrassing humiliation from a kapyopyo of a person called Kampyongo could today order the arrest of MUKUNI’S highly respected ruler. The consequences are coming not today, tomorrow or that day but surely they are coming and it won’t be a nice show.

Former late president Micheal Sata’s driver was ordered to hand over the keys to a nice vehicle at the palace of Paramount Chief Mpezeni in Chipata. The chief liked the car in the presidential entourage he just told the driver to hand him over the keys and go because that car was now the chief’s car the driver tried to protest he was chased. And when the news reached state house President Sata blasted the driver for trying to protest saying my dear chiefs are not your friends you really think you can do anything against them?.

Back to our short story. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu must be very careful with Hon Kampyongo. The man is decampaigning PF so much and when PF get zeros in Southern province don’t complain or call them tribal these people are hurting too much and have been provoked for so long without mercy. One day they will rise and it won’t be good at all.

As of yesterday in Choma and Livingstone no one is speaking good of PF, their image is at their lowest level ever in history thanks to Hon Kampyongo. And if president Lungu has any aorta of remorse for his image politically he wouldn’t keep damaging kapyopyo of a Minister called Kampyongo as home affairs Minister beyond this point unless Lungu has no intelligence officers telling him the truth how Kampyongo has decampaigned PF successfully in Southern province and the entire Zambezi region because no one is happy at all. Let him try that foolishness elsewhere eg Northwestern province and see applied science he has never heard of that bold head of his will be our International airport.

Nakambako che ine….

Edward Roy Makayi



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