Traditional Nigerian monarch shot dead, wife abducted

Segun Aremu was killed in his palace on Thursday night

Armed men killed a leader and took his wife and another person in southwestern Nigeria.

The attackers broke into the palace of Segun Aremu, who is a retired army general and monarch with the official title of the Olukoro of Koro, on Thursday night.

It’s not known who the shooters are or if they want money in exchange for someone’s release.

This recent murder and kidnapping happened just a few days after people asked for urgent action to address the problem.

Fifty groups from the community want President Bola Tinubu to announce that more than 1,800 people have been kidnapped since he became president last May.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is very upset about the killing of the Olukoro of Koro in Kwara state. He promises to catch the people who did this terrible thing.

Police are looking for a man.

A few days ago, some people took five students and four teachers from a school in Ekiti state. They want 100 million naira (about $110,000) to let them go.

A high-ranking government official was taken by force on Wednesday night in Bwari, a neighborhood near the capital city, Abuja. This happened close to where six sisters and their father were also kidnapped for money last month.

One girl was killed because the ransom wasn’t paid on time.

In another place, two girls were recently taken away in the Chikakorie area of Kubwa, another part of Abuja. The people who took them away want $25,000 to let them go.

In Nigeria, more and more people are being kidnapped and held for money. This includes people on the road, students, and people living in both rural and city areas.


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