Copperbelt Minister ELISHA MATAMBO says families of the five Zambian miners who are among the seven trapped at the Macrolink Mine will each receive 15,000 Kwacha for logistics, while rescue efforts are underway.

Speaking when he met affected families, Mr. MATAMBO emphasized that the money that the company is giving affected families is not compensation, but money to assist them with logistics.

He also said government wants the rescue mission to be concluded as soon as possible.

Earlier, Mine Safe Department Principal Inspector Engineer YORAM CHULU explained that the rescue team had at initial stage of the tragedy faced challenges as they had only mobilized small water pumps but that as of today the issue has been addressed.

He added that all preliminary rescue measures conducted jointly with the team from China have been completed which will lead to dewatering of the shaft within five hours.

Mr. CHULU further explained that efforts are however being hampered as the aquifer that burst remains unattended to while the technical team is also worried about the shaft curving in following excavation works that may have disturbed the shaft walls prior to the accident.

He added that the rescue team was able to send a camera approximately 150 meters into the shaft .



  1. Where is this practice of giving money to families of trapped miners? The country has suffered serious road accidents and government has not given any money to affected families. In all fairness, Government should widen it’s generosity to other calamity families

    • Aisha read the article. The money is from the company not government.
      Accident victims should be compensated through the Road Fund administer by the Road Fund Trust or some similar name. The same board that funds the construction of Road/Highways in Zambia.
      The other way victims are compensated is through the Motor vehicle Insurance and that is why any car that is on the Road has to have the minimal Road Insurance which is third party Motor vehicle Insurance.
      Sadly, in Zambia all these issues are covered in our laws and what we are entitled to we dont know. There are laws that cover alot of the aspect of our lives and we dont know.
      Its important as citizens and organisations incharge of enforcing the law or administering the law that Public service announcements are done. The office of the Investigator General is one. Funded every year but do very little Madam Sokoni. And there many others.


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