Trial Date Set for Former First Lady Esther Lungu and Co-Accused

First Lady Esther Lungu

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has scheduled the trial of former First Lady, Mrs. Esther Lungu, and four others for November 27, 2023. The case revolves around allegations of theft of three vehicles and the seizure of a certificate of title.

Mrs. Lungu faces a series of charges in connection with this case, including theft and the possession of $400,000 believed to be proceeds of criminal activities. She also stands accused of unlawfully acquiring a certificate of title for land belonging to Elizabeth Phiri, a relative of Mrs. Lungu.

The former First Lady’s co-accused individuals are James Phiri, Lee Chisulo, and two police officers named Kapembwa Lungu and Catherine Banda. These charges have garnered significant attention, and the trial is highly anticipated.

The vehicles in question are alleged to belong to Elizabeth Phiri, further complicating the matter.
This case is part of a broader effort by Zambian authorities to address allegations of corruption and unlawful conduct, regardless of the individuals implicated. While Mrs. Lungu holds the distinction of being Zambia’s former First Lady, she, like any other citizen, will go through due legal processes to determine her guilt or innocence.

The trial date was officially set by Lusaka Magistrate Mbuyanwa Sinvula during a recent court appearance by Mrs. Lungu and her co-accused.


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