Triplets Born at Kalobwa Health Post in Chienge District: Appeal for Support


Triplets Born at Kalobwa Health Post in Chienge District: Appeal for Support

Chienge District,Sunday, March 10,2024 – In a momentous event at the Kalobwa Health Post, a mother from Kalobwa Ward has given birth to triplets. The news was confirmed by Mr. Nicholas Mukuka, the clinical officer in charge at Kalobwa Health Post. Highlighting the family’s circumstances, it was revealed that the parents of the newborns are engaged in farming to sustain their livelihoods.

The arrival of three babies at once has brought immense joy to the family. However, it has also raised concerns about the additional responsibilities and the financial strains it brings. Understanding the challenges ahead, the couple is appealing to well-wishers for any support that can be offered to assist in the care of the newborn triplets.

Hon. Given Katuta Mwelwa, the Area Member of Parliament for Chienge, expressed her excitement upon hearing the news. She has taken immediate action by appealing to the Government, specifically the Department of Social Welfare, to provide support to the deserving couple. The Member of Parliament recognizes the need for community assistance to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for the newborns.

The Kalobwa Health Post is actively engaged in ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the triplets. The dedicated medical staff is conducting frequent check-ups and monitoring to maintain the optimal health of the newborns. Additionally, they are providing guidance and support to the overwhelmed parents as they embark on their journey of raising three infants simultaneously.

The extraordinary birth of triplets has sparked interest and support from the local community. Residents are expressing their solidarity for the family and are encouraged to contribute to their cause. The community’s compassionate response and generosity will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of the newborns and their parents.

As the news of this remarkable birth resonates throughout the district, it serves as a reminder of the miracles that occur within the walls of the Kalobwa Health Post. It also emphasizes the importance of accessible healthcare in rural areas. Congratulations to the proud parents, and may their appeal for support be met with widespread benevolence and assistance.

For those interested in providing help, please contact the Kalobwa Health Post or reach out to the office of Hon. Given Katuta Mwelwa, Area Member of Parliament for Chienge



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