Trump promises to ‘convince’ Russia to strike NATO nations who fail to make bill payments

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Donald Trump wants Russia to attack any Nato country that doesn’t pay its bills.

At a big gathering on Saturday, he said he had told a leader he wouldn’t defend a country that didn’t pay its bills and would let the bad guys do whatever they wanted.

Nato members promise to protect any country in the group if it is attacked.

The White House said the comments were terrible and crazy.

Speaking to a big group at a rally in South Carolina, Mr Trump said he talked about Russia when he met with leaders from Nato countries.

He remembered that the leader of a “big country” talked about a made-up situation where they were not paying their bills to Nato and got attacked by Moscow.

Mr Trump said the leader wanted to know if the US would help his country in that situation, which made him give a strong criticism.

I asked, “Didn’t you pay. Are you late with your payment. ” “No, I won’t defend you. In fact, I would support them doing anything they want. ” You have to give money.

A spokesperson from the White House said the ex-president was supporting attacks on our closest friends by violent governments, and called the remarks terrible and crazy.

He said that the statement puts American safety, worldwide stability, and our economy in danger at home.

Mr Trump, who is expected to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming US presidential election, has always criticized Nato and thinks that the United States is spending too much money on defending 30 other countries.

Russia started a big attack on Ukraine in 2022, after Mr. Trump stopped being the President. He has complained about the money that the US sends to Ukraine because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

The US has given Ukraine more money than any other country. They have given them over $44 billion since 2022, when the invasion happened. These numbers come from the White House in December.

But Republicans in Congress have stopped any new money from being given since the beginning of the year. They want strict rules to limit people from coming into the US from the southern border, and they said no to the changed bill when it was shown earlier this week.

Mr Trump was happy that the President Biden’s proposals were rejected and he talked about it at a rally on Saturday. He said that the proposals were very bad.

The two problems have been separated, so now senators can talk about the aid money separately.


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