Trump supporters go to polls over bills and border problem

Trump’s Mugshot Released After Surrendering in Fulton County

Trump is doing all he can to encourage those feelings.

He told his supporters in Manchester that the people in charge in Washington are trying to silence you. Blair listened to him in the crowd. “But on Tuesday, things will start to go your way, and you will be able to speak freely again. ” You could speak three years ago.

For many months, the White House has been telling people that President Biden’s economic record is very important for getting him re-elected. They say that his spending on building new things and on environmental-friendly energy rules have increased the number of jobs and how much people get paid, and also helped the economy deal with the high prices that affected a lot of his first term.

However, even though the cost of gas and inflation has decreased, people like Ms. Blair think of the time when Trump was president as a better time.

Chris Ager, who leads the New Hampshire Republicans, said that supporters of Trump are showing a big difference in how they felt when he was president compared to how they feel now. “He’s basically asking if you are doing better now than you were four years ago. Most people say no, we’re not better off according to the data. ”

Rene Cote, who just became a US citizen, thinks Mr. Trump was a better choice than Mr. Biden because the economy and fuel prices were better back then.

His daughter’s husband, John Ratliffe, thought that Mr Trump, who has been tough on immigration from the beginning, would be better at keeping the southern border with Mexico secure. “He said that people are tired of what is happening. ” “Something needs to be fixed and he is the only one brave enough to do it. ”

Karoline Leavitt, who speaks for the campaign, said that the volunteers were willing to go out in very cold weather because they believe that enduring the cold for a few days is better than having Joe Biden as president for four more years.

Mr Trump’s way of doing things and who he is as a person have stayed pretty much the same since he first started running for president. Ager mentioned that the strategy in New Hampshire is basically a repeat of what happened in 2016.

However, Trump’s beliefs and ideas about politics have changed since he became president four years ago. He said that the 2020 election was stolen, even though this was not true, and there was a riot by his supporters at the Capitol.

He has convinced his followers that there is a big plan by politicians and lawyers to take him down in 2024.

Many people in New Hampshire believe this way of thinking is true, and they don’t trust the US government anymore.

Slightly more than half of the Republican voters in the state think that Mr. Biden won the 2020 election because of voter fraud, according to a survey released on Monday by the Washington Post/Monmouth University. Approximately 82% of people who plan to vote for Mr. Trump believe this.

Ms Blair is part of that group. She doesn’t believe in voting by mail and said that the claims about the 2020 election are not true. She also thinks Mr. Biden didn’t have enough charm to get 81. 2 million votes

On Sunday, many people went to Tempesta’s, a bar in rural Keene that looks like a big bar in Dublin, to hear Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is a supporter of Trump, talk about why he supports the former president.


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