Tshabangu Threatens To Fire Chamisa


The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), rebel member Sebenzo Tshabangu has escalated tensions by threatening to terminate party leader Nelson Chamisa’s membership.

The self-appointed interim secretary-general has declared that even if Chamisa decides to leave the CCC, he would be prohibited from using the party’s image, particularly Chamisa’s face.

Tshabangu’s argument hinges on the claim that Chamisa willingly ceded ownership of his image to the party, imposing restrictions on its use by any other political entity.

He issued a stern warning of legal consequences if Chamisa were to violate this purported agreement, stating:
“I have no doubt in my mind that President Chamisa presented his face as a symbol for us to use, and we registered that face. So he can’t claim today that it’s his face. That’s the face of the party, and we are going to continue using it. Nobody is going to use that face. We will stop anybody who is going to use that face, save for the party. He cannot use that face outside, unfortunately, the CCC party.”

Tshabangu asserts that should Chamisa choose to depart from the party and employ his image elsewhere; legal action will be pursued.

Despite the existing disagreements, Tshabangu remains optimistic about resolving these issues amicably, stressing that they do not revolve around ideological differences.

While temporarily holding the position of secretary-general in the CCC party, Tshabangu faces opposition from senior members, including Nelson Chamisa, who dispute the legitimacy of such a role within the party.

Furthermore, there are claims that Tshabangu is not even a party member.

However, Tshabangu maintains his position, supporting it with an affidavit as evidence of his appointment.

He refrained from disclosing the appointing authority but clarified that the role was granted due to the dissatisfaction of certain senior members with Chamisa’s strategic approach for the 2023 elections.


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