TSHISEKEDI UNMASKED: Tshisekedi’s $7 Million Home In Belgium


TSHISEKEDI UNMASKED: Tshisekedi’s $7 Million Home In Belgium & Katumbi’s Palace In Kashobwe. Who Is A Foreign Candidate?

According to the major Belgian daily, the house of Congolese Head of State and his wife cost a whopping 6.25 million euros (about $7.1 million).

The outgoing president, who is campaigning claiming ultra-nationalism and assumed patriotism, bought his first house abroad, in a rich neighborhood of his adopted country where he was until a few years ago.

He is still a citizen of that country with a permanent resident, with funds from a foreign bank, using foreign construction, maintenance, gardening and security companies…This nationalism really doesn’t look good for him!

As for the candidate, Moise Katumbi, accused of being “from abroad”, he built his palace in his native village, using Congolese tradespeople, masons, gardeners and Congolese domestic staff, with his personal money.

There is always something pathetic, distressing and even embarrassing when an illusionist or a prankster is unmasked!

Who is the candidate from abroad? https://drcnewstoday.com/tshisekedi-unmasked-tshisekedis-7-million-home-in-belgium-katumbis-palace-in-kashobwe-who-is-a-foreign-candidate/


  1. This is the problem with Africa, one corrupt president after another. Africa is being raped by the West and fully supported by these corrupt presidents. Ibrahim Traore should be elected as president for Africa. He will throw all these Western puppet presidents in jail.


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