Turning Opposition Leaders into Circumstantial Heroes


Turning Opposition Leaders into Circumstantial Heroes

By Daimone Siulapwa

Recently, we have witnessed a concerning trend under the UPND government – the repeated arrests of opposition leaders.

While the implications of these actions extend beyond the immediate political landscape, the party must recognize that this approach not only jeopardizes the nation’s democracy but also risks transforming opposition figures into unintentional symbols of sympathy.

The arrest of opposition leaders, irrespective of the charges levied against them, carries consequences that extend beyond the political realm.

It has the potential to elevate these figures to the status of circumstantial heroes, individuals perceived as victims of an oppressive system rather than politicians facing legal scrutiny.

This unintended consequence may inadvertently contribute to a narrative that paints the government as heavy-handed and intolerant, undermining its democratic credentials.

The UPND’s strategy if indeed is intentional appears, at best, immature and, at worst, amateurish. Engaging in a cycle of arrests not only diverts attention from more pressing issues but also plays into the hands of political opponents who capitalize on the resulting sympathy wave.

The optics of opposition leaders being repeatedly detained may be weaponized to cast a shadow over the government’s commitment to democratic principles.

Moreover, the political landscape is evolving, and the public is becoming more discerning. The citizens are increasingly looking beyond sensationalized narratives and demanding substantive action on critical issues.

In this context, the UPND must recalibrate its approach and focus on constructive governance.

Fred M’membe, a master strategist, employs cunning tactics that demand a vigilant UPND.

His calculated maneuvers, including the potential orchestration of his own arrest, pose a challenge that requires the opposition to tread cautiously.

The possibility of M’membe using such incidents to garner public sympathy is a strategic consideration that should not be underestimated.

Similarly, Sean Tembo, often dismissed as a mere clown, proves to be a shrewd player in the political arena.

His ability to irk the entire system while maintaining a seemingly carefree demeanor places the UPND in a dilemma.

The recurrent question arises: how many times can the system arrest him without falling into the trap of elevating his public profile?

On the flip side, the PF, with its seasoned expertise in political manipulation and propaganda, presents a formidable adversary.

The UPND must be wary of falling into the traps laid by a desperate PF, eager to reclaim its lost power and glory.

The stakes are high, and succumbing to the PF’s bait could lead to disappointing outcomes for the UPND.

The desperation of the PF to regain its former dominance introduces a volatile element into the political landscape.

The UPND must navigate this terrain with wisdom, recognizing that the PF is willing to employ any means to secure its return to power, regardless of the consequences.

The challenge for the UPND lies in avoiding being ensnared in the web of PF’s desperate maneuvers.

The true battleground for UPND should be against the rising cost of living, an issue that directly impacts the lives of ordinary citizens.

Shifting the narrative from a reactive stance against the opposition to a proactive stance against economic challenges would better serve both the party and the nation.

UPND, which has the politcal power and Financial resources, has the ability to set the agenda and address the concerns of the people without falling into the traps laid by a cunning opposition.

Leadership, especially in a political landscape as dynamic as Zambia’s, requires a strategic and forward-thinking mindset.

The UPND’s leadership must recognize that governing is not just about reacting to the moves of political adversaries like Mmembe, Kalaba, Saboi, Nawakwi, Sean, Lubinda or every Jim and Jack.

It is about setting a vision, crafting policies that resonate with the populace, and delivering on promises.

The current trajectory risks alienating a significant portion of the electorate, as the focus shifts from addressing tangible issues to a seemingly relentless pursuit of opposition figures.

To secure a lasting legacy, UPND must redirect its energy towards transformative governance, fostering economic stability, and championing the cause of the ordinary citizen.

UPND should heed the warning signs that are doted everywhere and pivot towards a more strategic and issues-oriented approach.

Lastly UPND must understand that the true strength of a government lies not in its ability to suppress dissent but in its capacity to address the concerns of the people it serves.


Daimone Siulapwa is the Editor-in-Chief of The Voice Newspaper. He is also a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to dsiulapwa@gmail.com


  1. Leaders in Upnd think they are very intelligent, when the opposite is the truth! You can see it from all mis firing by trying to diminish the mighty PF, for heaven’s sake who thinks like that? Instead of diminishing the mighty PF it’s the unpopular Upnd getting diminished. People just want the Upnd out as soon as possible. A fact they have caused on their own because of thinking they are the “most intelligent ” beings ever lived in this country! Upnd Zwa!

  2. I have always commented here that the UPND seriously lacks a strategist.
    They actually play right into the opposition hands look at what mmembe did in kitwe he advertises some rallies and waited for UPND to react he knew he has no numbers and us on the copperbelt know memebe is nothing his so called rally would have been a flop alas the UPND send police and block him in the end he gained more than if the rally would have been help.
    I will repeat UPND lacks a strategist.
    For example some arrests are irrelevant and make no sense .
    Call them to police yes question them but why lock them up?? That gives them a platform to say all.sorts of things and chance to””adress the nation””
    Deny them that chance they actually behave badly s you arrest them without that they have no audience or platform
    This is simple politics but UPND seems has too many armatures in politics.
    Tembo insults leave him he will get tired ie at last people will see him as a lunatic u lock him up ?Lungu nakachinda lubinda mwamba kateka kalaba etc will gather to “”Visit””him in jail and will hold a “”press conference “”to adress the nation on human rights violations .lol

    They will then come up with a press statement copied all over the world to show how” Bad”” HH is

    Cc US embassy
    Cc EU
    CC Russian embassy
    CC Catholic bishops
    Cc Vatican
    Cc holy see
    Cc German embassy
    Cc South Africa embassy
    Cc Fred mmembe
    Cc sishuwa sishuwa
    Cc chickens at membe House
    Cc fidel castro
    Cc munagawgwa
    Cc North Korea

    You know the reason they do this??Their intention is for HH to fail they will never appreciate what HH does they are scared of the good name he has right now they want to tarnish it!!
    Don’t give them pleasure to do so be tactical don’t do exactly what they want you to do.
    All the looters savages commanders and other PF chaps will start looking like saints!!

  3. For example Fred mmembes so called rally would have been a flop that am sure.Allow him to hold it it also gives you an idea of who he really is and what political audience he has .You deny him you will never know but to him it appears you are scared of him and people think so too and he gains more from you denying him the rally.
    If he holds it you win because you be sewn as tolerant and democratic!!

    This is what politics is look at things from all.angles and analyse perceived outcomes and potential advantages from every situation!!

    Pls look for a strategist in UPND there is non.

  4. Lungu has been out of office for just 2 years and all the weight and smooth skin have disappeared. It’s not like he wasn’t receiving his benefits. He’s just a frail person. I don’t see what he wants in politics. He’s not fit either physically or mentally to lead anyone, worse the country.

  5. We don’t have any opposition right now to sympathize with and people of Zambia are not dull because we have the same politicians we rejected still making noise….. besides former president has just made things worse for the opposition because soon he will rescind his decision and leave the opposition stranded.

  6. These opposition leaders are being arrested for their wrong doings. They are not victims of politics but people who have or are commiting crimes. Should they be left alone just because they are from the opposition?


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