By Patson Chilemba

Tutwa Ngulube wants Tasila Lungu to be given a second chance so that she can commit another offence, says ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, on deputy government chief whip Ngulube’s statement that President Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, was a young girl who deserves a second chance and that Col Panji was a bitter man for attacking her because President Lungu did not give him a job, Col Panji said he was very bitter, but the bitterness emanated from the rampant corruption that now defined the President’s government.

He wondered why Ngulube was attacking him since he was agreeing that a crime was committed and that Tasila should be given a second chance. He said all he wanted was for the government to give him the chance to be heard in court over his complaint against the President’s daughter.

“Until that is done, we shall continue fighting. We shall not stop fighting corruption, whether it involves the President and his family,” Col Panji said, adding that government leaders recently caused the arrest of a young man Chellah Tukuta, without considering his youthfulness. “Why didn’t they give him a second chance? The Ministry of Lands should do us a favour by taking us to court (taking matter involving Tasila to court).”

Col Panji said he would not stand by and watch the country torn to shreds by the corrupt. He said he was not motivated by things like jobs as he told President Lungu in 2016, in the presence of his former political advisor Kaizar Zulu, that he was not available for public office.

“Honourable Ngulube is a lawyer who should know that you are not guilty until proven guilty, so the best thing he can do to Miss Tasila Lungu is to go and defend her in court and prove her not guilty,” said Col Panji. “He wants her to be given a second chance. To do what? To go and commit another offence?”

Ngulube said Tasila was a good girl who deserves a second chance.

Ngulube said one did not need to be the President’s daughter to enjoy the provision where they could have their criminal matters resolved, in the same manner the Ministry of Lands was discussing to resolve Tasila’s offence. Tasila fenced the approximately 3790 hectares Forest Number 70, popularly known as Chimutengo in Sunday’s, Eastern Province.

He said it was unfortunate that Tasila, who is a private citizen, should be punished and suffer all prejudices just because her father was the Head of State.

“I think let us be fair with Tasila she is a very good girl. I don’t think she is one of those presidents daughters we heard in the past who were breaking the law. I think Tasila for me deserves a second chance if at all she committed that offence,” Ngulube said. “She is not one person you can say we have to punish. No. Tasila is a very good girl. We have seen presidents daughters in the past who used to willfully break the law.”


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