Two suspected wizards have appeared before the Luwingu Subordinate Court for one count of trespassing into the grave yard contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The duo, Mary Katongo 56 and Dismas Mulobela 67 appeared before Magistrate Maybin Kapaya in Luwingu yesterday.

They are allegedly found at the grave yard performing rituals by three young boys who were then hunting for wild rodents locally known as “ bakateka.”

They are consequently facing one count of criminal trespass into the grave yard contrary to section 130 of penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

The suspected are also alleged to have raised a dead person who died 15 months ago.

According to Maggie Musonda 45 a witness told the court that on 2nd November this year whilst at home around 12:00 hours, she received a report from her 10-year-old son and his friends came running and reported that the said Mary Katongo and Dismas Mulobela were found at the grave yard.

She said the boys narrated that Katongo and Mulobela allegedly exhumed the dead body of her later grandfather and raised him to life again.

According to Musonda the boys appeared confused adding that she was forced to take them to the nearby pastor to be prayed for.

After coming from the prayers, she reported the matter to Chief Tungati who later summoned the accused persons to his palace.

In her testimony, Ms Musonda further said chief Tungati ordered the accused to administer traditional medicine to the young boys to prevent them from having demonic attacks which the duo accepted.

After administering the traditional medicine to the children, Chief Tungati later instructed the complainant to report the matter to the police.

And Agnes Chomba, another witness, told the court that she received a report from her son that the accused persons were seen at the grave yard performing rituals but could not believe and the matter was later reported to chief Tungati.

And a minor, aged 10 and 13 years old, also testified that on 2nd November while hunting for rats in the nearby bush with his friends they saw Mary Katongo riding a bicycle.

He narrated that a short while later Katongo was seen picking soils which she latter rapped in her chitenge material before proceeding to the grave yard.

He told the court that at the grave yard, there was a man identified as Dismas Mulobela who was also approaching the grave while the boys remained hidden to witness what was about to happen.

The minor narrated that he and his friends saw Katongo pick up a hand axe and hit the grave while calling the dead man’s name who later rose up.

“Indeed, my grandfather was raised from the grave and they started talking to him,” one of the minors added.

And another minor told court that the bizarre appearance of their grandfather shocked him making his friends to ask her if it was truly him before to their further shock the ‘resurrected man’s answered loudly answered saying “ninebowine,( ‘I am the one)”.

The minors collectively told the court that they were scared and later ran home and reported the ordeal.

But during cross examination, both Katongo and Mulobela failed to ask the minors’ questions to disassociate themselves from the allegation of criminal trespassing into the grave yard.

The matter was adjourned to 26th December 2023 for commencement of defense.

The duo are on police bond.



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