At long last Ugandan popular female comedian Anne Kansiime and her husband Skylanta have welcomed a bouncing baby boy. This is the newest member of their little family. The celebrated comedian only announced her pregnancy last week after it just being rumor for long.

Recently, her friends surprised her with a luxurious baby shower that also had Sheebah present. Kansiime has been evidently happy since she opened up about her pregnancy.

Being her first child, she obviously has to be very excited about this. In her first marriage with Ojok they didn’t manage to get a child together. It is the joy of every woman after settling down with her man to later give birth.

Reports coming in from the doctors show that the two are in perfect health. No complications were reported as everything went on well as expected.

It has become a trend by female celebrities to keep away from the public eye after getting pregnant. This is not bad at all because they need all the privacy they can get. Most of them now only come out after they have given birth or a few days to delivery.

Juliana Kanyomozi shocked the nation when she showed off her baby’s fingers yet no one saw her bump.

Singer Vinka did the same after disappearing from the public eye for sometime. Probably they now want to be known for only their works and not their personal lives which is good.


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