Kenyan police in Kitgum District have arrested a woman who allegedly threw her twins in a stream because her husband failed to buy beef as Ugandans marked the 58th Independence anniversary.

It’s alleged that the 30-year-old woman was upset by her husband’s failure to buy meat on the public holiday.

In an act of anger, the woman who is a resident of Bipong village, Amida Sub-county in Kitgum District allegedly threw her 8-months twins in Auch Stream in Kitgum Municipality.

According to Mr Wilfred Nyeko, the chairperson of Labongo Amida Sub-county, the jilted mother burnt several household property that included utensils and clothes before walking to the stream where she allegedly threw the twins.

Mr Nyeko said that after being interrogated, she said that her husband had claimed that he had no money to buy meat; but to her surprise, he came back home late while drunk, which annoyed her.

One of the twins was rescued alive by police and local divers on Saturday evening and rushed to Kitgum General Hospital for medical attention.

The search team failed to locate the other missing twin. On Sunday the team located the body and retrieved it.

It was taken to Kitgum General Hospital for a post-mortem.

The suspect is detained at Kitgum Central Police Station.


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