UK to boost its aid to Ukraine to £2.5 billion – Rishi Sunak


The UK is going to give Ukraine £2. 5 billion worth of military help in the next year, which is the biggest amount of aid since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said this while visiting the country, and he will also sign a new deal to help with its safety in the future.

Authorities said that the package will give Ukraine missiles that can travel far distances, defense against attacks from the air, and shells for their artillery.

About £200 million will be used to buy drones, and most of them will will be made in the UK.

Authorities say that next year, a big package of military equipment will be given to Ukraine. It will include a lot of drones, which is the most that any country has provided to Ukraine.

The prime minister has chosen not to promise money for many years.

Some government officials and high-ranking military leaders believed that by doing this, it would show Russia that Britain supports them for a long time.

Instead of spending the same amount as the last two years, Mr. Sunak has decided to spend an extra £200 million. The UK’s yearly military support for Ukraine was £2. 3 billion

Downing Street plans to offer help to Ukraine as the first step in building a strong long-term relationship between Ukraine and the UK.

It will also give £18 million to help people in need, support strengthening Ukraine’s energy systems, and give more money for teaching English online.

James Heappey, who is in charge of the military, said on BBC Breakfast that the drones will help Ukraine in the future.

He said: “They are unmanned aircraft that are being created quickly, taking into account all the things we learned from what happened in Ukraine over the last two years. ”

He said that the money shows that the UK is still being a leader in Europe by giving a lot of money to Ukraine.

Mr Sunak, who went to Ukraine 15 months ago in November 2022, said: “I am here today to say that the UK will not give up. ” We will be there for Ukraine when things are hard and when things get better in the future.

He said: “The UK is already one of Ukraine’s best friends, because we know their safety is our safety.

Today, we are giving more military help to Ukraine. We are also giving them lots of new drones and making a new security agreement with them. This will help Ukraine feel safer and more secure in the future.

“For two years, Ukraine has bravely defended itself against a strong attack from Russia. ” They are still fighting strong to protect their country and the principles of freedom and democracy.

The UK finally promised to support Ukraine after MPs pushed for the government to do so. They said the government should have been clearer earlier so Ukraine could plan its military strategy.

Both the United States and the European Union are having a hard time deciding on how to help Ukraine, which really needs more shells and missiles.

In the US, some politicians are stopping a $60 billion package to help Ukraine because they want to use the money for dealing with migration at the border.

Viktor Orban, the leader of Hungary, stopped a €50bn (£43bn) aid package for Ukraine from the EU because of a disagreement with Brussels over funding.

The UK and Ukraine are signing an agreement today. It includes promises to help each other with military and economic support. This is to stop Russia from attacking Ukraine before Ukraine becomes a part of Nato.

Authorities said that the UK is the first out of seven major industrialized countries to sign an agreement. All seven countries promised to do this at a meeting last year.


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