UKA Alliance Visits Demolished Munyaule Market


UKA Visits Demolished Munyaule Market

…sympathises with victims of razed down shops.

4th March 2024

UKA wants four thousand victims of demolished market owners accommodated immediately said the alliance Communications head President Jackson Silavwe on Monday in the company of senior UKA member and Citizenss First (CF) President Harry Kalaba.

“We are aware that up to 4000 mart store owners have been affected by the Hakainde Hichilema´s government decision to demolish the stores here at Munyaule and measures must be taken to immediately accommodate the traders,” Mr Silavwe said.

During an ‘on the spot check’ at the market that has been reduced to debris without warning to traders to evacuate their goods by the Hichilema government, UKA believes the best thing to do now is mitigate the damage and offer the marketeers an alternative lease of livelihood to survive as the cost of living in Lusaka shoots beyond K10,300 per month on basics alone for a small family of five.

In Zambia one bread winner is known to take care of at least ten members of the extended family hence the reason the 4000 displaced and disposed marketeers represent thousands of impoverished Zambians that shall sink further into poverty by President Hichilema´s heartless action.

And CF president Harry Kalaba, speaking before a crowd of the Munyaule victims gathered said, “we sympathise with our people our suffering people that have lost property here twaumfwa ubulanda (we feel pity for the victims) and we feel saddened at the fact that the government cannot empathise with suffering Zambians given the brutal action they have taken to demolish your stores.”

Mr Kalaba a former cabinet minister wondered, “how will Zambians put food on the table, pay rent or take their children to school following the destruction of their property by the UPND this is not only heartless it is unacceptable and shows how uncaring UPND is because their (UPND) bellies are full as Zambians wallow in poverty.

Mr Hichilema in opposition promised to embrace marketeers and every Zambian earning a living outside the formal sector but his pre-election promise like many others seem to have changed. Several promises he made including reducing the prices of mealie meal and fuel have been broken.

Issued by: UKA MEDIA.


  1. Ubupuba, desperation, bumbuli no busaaka plain for all to see. Ukwa bag can and will do nothing for you illegal marketeers apart from trying to fake sympathy for political mileage. Sadly none of the smelly contents in the Ukwa bag can ever come close to the presidency. Fyonse finkuula kabili ni fingwele. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. What about selling the same land, are they not the same PF who sold the piece of land to a private investor? The Mayoress is also from PF, is their sympathy really genuine or it was just a planned move as usual to blame HH and UPND.


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