United Kwacha Alliance (UKA)Leaders led by Alliance Chairman Mr. Sakwiba Sikota have arrived in Mongu, western province for the Koumboka Traditional Ceremony of the Lozi speaking people.

In the delegation is; Patriotic Front Vice President, Hon.Given Lubinda, Deputy SG, Nixon Chilangwa, MCC George Chisanga and Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba,
Others are New Heritage Party President, Chishala Kateka, NDC President, Saboi Imboela. 📸 Andy luki jr. Saturday 20th, April 2024. Mongu, Western Province.

GrindStone Television Zambia


  1. Behaving like headless chickens. Remember the same people terrorised those who wanted the recognition of Barotseland but today they want to fool our collective intelligence. Vote seekers

  2. A few points for UKA:
    1. UKA will never be registered in Zambia. At least not in the near future. Look for plan B
    2. UPND has been in the opposition for over 20 years. They understand politics very well, including how they lost opportunities to lead this country through rigging of elections at least 3 times. If the opposition thinks they can usurp power from them. . . Forget!
    3. With all their rigging plans, including intimidation, procurement of the armoury and tear gas to fight any uprising should PF rig elections, PF still lost. Do you think while in opposition, you can bounce back? Forget!
    4. The ride for UPND is currently rough, but HH is currently the best president to take the country out of its doldrum. The performance of UPND is on the improvement path and to convince people that it’s a wrong party come 2026?? Forget!

    • Point number could be true& I agree with you because we have dictatorial regime &bene HH are having sleepless nights all because of the UKA. In a country where institutions of governance are professional &non political, it’s not a difficulty exercise to undertake.

      So, how to you rate someone as the strongest without subjecting him to formidable contenders?

      So, all your points have exposed undemocratic tendencies by a regime that has become unpopular because of unfulfilled campaign promises. So, your points are seriously toxic &a danger to maturation of democratic tendencies,.


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