Dear Jackson Silavwe,

In recent weeks, you confirmed to me that you are the initiator of UKA, an organization supposedly founded on principles of good governance. You assured me that members found in questionable standing with our nation’s values would be removed from the organization. However, recent events have cast doubt on UKA’s integrity.

This week, a close associate of former President Edgar Lungu, Mr. Milingo Lungu, was implicated in a dubious transaction involving the sale of Konkola Copper Mines, resulting in the pocketing of $24 million, among other undisclosed sums. Mr. Milingo Lungu failed to justify these transactions in court and ultimately admitted to committing a criminal offense by surrendering the ill-gotten funds to the government.

Mr. Silavwe, these illicit activities occurred under the administration of your member, Mr. Edgar Lungu. Are you truly learning anything of value from such characters, or are you simply preoccupied with ECL’s financial support for your political ambitions? As a man of integrity, it is imperative that you address the role Mr. Lungu played in these criminal operations and clarify UKA’s stance on such matters.

Opposition political parties, including UKA, cannot afford to remain silent on this serious issue. Milingo Lungu’s actions implicate not only President Edgar Lungu but possibly other members of your organization, such as Harry Kalaba, who once claimed to have left the PF due to corruption allegations against Mr. Lungu. Yet, Kalaba remains silent on the matter.

What is UKA’s position on these crimes that directly link some of your members to the plundering of public resources?

Yours faithfully,

Sikaile C. Sikaile

Concerned Zambian Citizen

Zambian Watchdog
Smart Eagles
Emmanuel Mwamba
Harry Kalaba
Dr. Fred Members


  1. We’re tired of this Sakaile Sikaile routine. Your god has not explained how he got his billions!!! Cattle alone pale into insignifance to explain away his wealth!

    • @Moomba just a word of caution, don’t say “we” when it’s just you making a point. Unless wakwata amaT yatatu ok?????

  2. I was one of those who had high hopes in young political players like Silavwe. Our political field needs a good injection of young people.
    Unfortunately, the lack of discernment, wisdom, good judgement and understanding among our young politicians means they are not ready for leadership!
    Didn’t your mother tell you that bad company corrupts, Silavwe?
    To have been so easily influenced into an alliance of plunderers shows serious lack of good judgement!
    Your friend Pumpkin head Gumu Gumu Mumembe Fuledi at least showed better judgement on that, though he is someone who cannot be trusted with the Treasury for lack of Financial integrity!
    He participated in the collapse of banks and engaged in willful Tax evasion leading to the collapse of his Post businesses!
    We recently had a person who robbed widows becoming President.
    He became stinkingly rich miraculously while the country became broke and bankrupt!
    To show that his conscious is seered with a hot iron, he shows no remorse about his corrupt and brutal misrule, and has the audacity to want to come back to undo the good work his successor has done in cleaning the books?
    In HR, we say past performance is the best predictor of future performance!
    That’s why we ask for your CV!
    There is nothing good ECL can offer Zambia! He is fighting for his own loot! The only way he can keep his loot from being taken away is by gaining power again! This is his game plan!
    And if Zambians are so foolish to allow him back, he will look like he is better than his successor because he will find a lot of money to spend recklessly and enough headroom to borrow again. This time we should be ready to head the Zimbabwe route!
    So ba Silavwe, should these questionable characters be your models?
    You are not ready for leadership!


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