UKA not for ECL – Sakwiba Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota

UKA not for ECL – Saki

STATE Counsel Sakwiba Sikota has said the United Kwacha Alliance, now popularized as UKA is neither former President Edgar Lungu’s idea nor his façade but a genuine people’s movement.

Mr Sikota, the UKA chairperson said in an interview yesterday that the movement which encompasses several political parties was not Mr Lungu’s brainchild as is being perceived and claimed by the UPND.

“Those who think UKA is former President Edgar Lungu’s idea don’t know the beginning of UKA. It started way back at the beginning of last year.

At that time, President Lungu was in fact in retirement. He was very much in retirement and his party was even going for a convention wanting to elect somebody to take over


  1. Ba Sikota, the challenge and onous to prove so was thrown the minute you started this alliance.
    Who is leading UKA? We have Silavwe making statements that lack sound thought. We have Nawakwi who has a malious and questionable past. Zimba the nolli released for Political Adviser to Lungu suggesting what you are trying to dispell.
    What message as UKA are you selling to Zambians? Your own name has come as having Political ambitions that are only sepf serving. From UPND to MMD and the missing cars. While you may try to distance the assertions. The mud has been thrown. This is something you should have done before seeking political office again…clearing your name.
    The person you should have been all lobbing to lead is Chisala Kateka. But her statements dont inspire and like the whole message that UKA is sending and is incoherent. Is just removing HH. A personal and vindictive attack on a person that ideas.
    We read this past week that Parliament is about ideas. Politics is about Ideas. Ideas on how to best serve and lift the liveihood of the people you say you want to serve. We dont see those ideas. What we see is a picture of rabbied hounds seeking public office. To what end? Loot the treasury? That is what MMD became in the end. That is what PF was. All this cadrism boils down to that. “Ine ine” and what I can get from Boma. Nason Msoni’s outburst echo just that. When will public office be about Zambians? Ask yourselves before you want to suggest you want to lead? SET is an even worse example of goverance. The man doesnt get it. A tribalist at heart… ati chief is being prosecuted when the chief was enriching himself on said community land and resources? Ndiye goverance? That is serving the people?
    Ba Sikota, you dont have it together as UKA. There is only one thing you have unity of purpose to be rabbied hounds and distract HH. Yes, his cabinet is incoherent. SOME of his Ministers have no idea what it even means to hold that office and that can be seen from their outspoken outbursts. Without HH the vision to serve Zambians ceases to exist. The values he suggests are not there. And we see it in the failure to carry out policies and enforce the law.
    But among you, there are even bigger failures in that regard. Start by cleaning yourselves up before you can suggest you want to clean up others. PF is a mess. They may have the financial muscle, but if you marry a prostitue. Know you are bring home her problems into your home. Yes, Lungu is not UKA; but perception is everything.

  2. A very weak UPND Alliance(UPNDA)defence. UKA cannot operate on the Sibajene formula.Anybody can lead UKA! Turning the clock back to the 1970s one party politics is just too crass!!!

  3. When you look at the controlling mind of UKA it’s clear that ECL is the DELAI LAMA AND HIGH PRIEST . Its his name, influence, finances and support based that UKA thrives. Lungi is the only big thing in UKA. The rest have no influence on the political landscape and even if given 100 years to mobilise are still doomed to fall.

  4. It’s a new political party not a club. Just wait and see what happens. As things stand, you are all scared stiff of facing UKA.If UKA were not a threat, you would have all just concentrated on fulfilling the your manifesto plans.

    • Micheelo legaa ku beja a nsoni to jisi?
      When was it registered as a Political party? UKA is a group of Political Parties in an alliance to unseat the current governement. Look through their thread of anouncement and proclaimations.
      Do your research before you come here an exhibit your ignorance. You just embarrass yourself.

  5. These pfs, first Miles takes over ati it’s UPND, now they themselves are saying ati uka is ecl again ati it’s UPND, how? When pfidiots shit in their pants always want someone to clean them up. Tamulati mulenya mulelapila ba pompwe!!!

  6. Kkkkkkkk!! Very confused, this a clear confirmation and admission by the chief opportunist Sakwiba Sikota; a dangerous thief that dines with thieves and strikes when his clients start dozing!
    Without shame, and in the Judas Iscariot style, Old man Saki has just denied Edgar Lungu publicly! Kkkkk! He knows Edgar Lungu has too many skeletons and is completely unsellable.
    People know Edgar Lungu and any attempts to sneak Edgar Lungu or launder his image won’t work.
    Surely, who can abandon HH only to think of bringing Edgar Lungu back. In fact UKA is good for UPND because it’s a concentration of toxic and failed individuals that are either convicted thieves and unelectable mandarins of corruption!
    Outright Harlots like Nawakwi and corruption King pins like Edgar Lungu do not inspire anyone except their toxic friends and concubines.

  7. Mmmm…..people let’s leave politics to politicians. Weather uka, pf, upnd or any other alias formed let’s just watch and give them chance for them to put their house in order, that’s what we call democracy. I hate deliberations of insulting an individual. If whatever uka is no threat to the rulling party why insulting them.

  8. It may be true that UKA is not for ECL, but the only person who is making it popular there is ECL and his PF. Removal of ECL from it will definitely depopulize UKA. It therefore follows that if you want to dislodge this failed government of the new dawn, you must field ECL under UKA for 2026 elections. Thereafter ECL will be grooming another candidate for the 2031 elections which will be easier to go through after you have shown the people of Zambia that you’re a formidable government with good people pleasing policies. Otherwise UKA will be a non-starter without ECL to be chosen as its leader. After all ECL has only one term to rule this country.


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