UKA STANDS WITH ECL…. Calls for early elections before 2026


UKA STANDS WITH ECL…. Calls for early elections before 2026

The UKA Assembly of Presidents have noted the rumored call-out or arrest of the sixth President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu with deep concern.The shrinking democratic space, which has robbed Zambians of their freedom of expression and association, is a great source of worry for our fledgling democracy.

The UPND government in its leadership’s naivety must be aware of far reaching consequences of the move to arrest President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for no offence committed. Clearly, the public is aware of similar pronouncements made by President Hakainde Hilema during prior to the 2021 general elections and no charges were preferred against him.

It is important to note that while the election day is the most important day when citizens exercise their power over national leadership at various levels, in between elections, the constitution confers upon the leadership rights to congregate to fine tune their ideals and reach consensus to present themselves for elections.

The denying of citizens’ rights of association and assembly to share their values to present to voters is an assault on democracy and development. Furthermore, this can potentially build in unnecessary costs of access to finance both by the sovereign, sub-sovereign and the local private sector through perceived political risk premium.

Need we remind the UPND led government that the negative narrative being painted through denying opposition party’s from engaging with the general public is feeding into a higher risk premium for our country. Rating agencies will likely factor in this risk premium in arriving at the sovereign rating.

This negative factor makes investors to adopt a cautionary position as fears grow that the tension being built up and sustained by the UPND government can potentially lead to civil disobedience and create a hostile environment for business which would affect the business environment.

We wish to alert the UPND government that the destruction of the independence of security agencies in general and the police in particular will lead to a negative outlook in the next rating exercise. The end result will be unnecessary costs to the general public and the business community.

UKA hastens to caution the UPND government and the compromised security agencies that your actions lack ingredients of a mature deliberation and thought through wisdom. Simply put, the UPND government lacks capacity to contain multiple battle fronts.

ECL will be protected by UKA and the UPND, will live to regret and the consequences that will follow through harassing.

For the avoidance of any doubt to President Hichilema and his IG, we in UKA call for EARLY ELECTIONS BEFORE 2026 because our people are suffering economically, politically and spiritually under the brutal despotic UPND regime.

Sakwiba Sikota
United Kwacha Alliance-UKA


  1. Are you people in ukwa really sane?
    Who in their rightful mind can support Chagwa, honestly? A leader that has been tried and all the Zambians that were in this country the last 7 years of PF know what we went through. Sadly, the majority of you ukwa people seem not to have been around.
    You can talk the loudest, but few people will ever take you serious.
    Better to live in a country where the cost of living is high, than to live in a country where people are being gassed. Better to experience load shedding, that to see blood being shed by the police and cadres with impunity.
    If you want early elections, there are a number of you, as presidents. Create your own ECZ and compete amongst yourselves.
    Us we will wait for the constitutionally recognized elections in 2026.

  2. Under the reign of the notorious PF, the Police were completely destroyed and became an extention of the PF. The rot was and still is deep. Under Mr. Kanganja as police IG, the police morphed into the police force doing the bidding of PF.

    Human rights were trampled on with impunity. The Home Affairs minister Mr. Kampyongo was forever issuing threats against citizens. Radio stations were raided by PF cadres at will with one incident in Ndola were PF thugs were transported from Kitwe to come and lay siege to a radio station which was hosting the then opposition party leader Mr. Hichilema who had to flee through the top of buildings.

    And today Mr. Lungu wants us to believe he is the solution to the mess he himself created? Call for early elections is total madness. Does it mean every time we face challenges, the solution is to go for elections?

    The fact is, the opposition is scared that the current government’s policies will begin to yield great results and they will be rendered irrelevant by 2026, they are panicking, hence their calls for early elections.

  3. Alliance ya Fisoso, rejects, plunderers and brood of vipers!
    Only lazy PF cadres who don’t know how to produce food are starving!
    They got so used to Kasaka Kandalama which we confiscated.
    Please qualify your statements when you say “people are suffering!” The question is which people?
    Us who grew up with farming do know why a normal person should be complaining about Mealie Meal prices.
    To us, it’s good money! To you who doesn’t have munda, it’s going to be Njala!
    When God wanted to bless Abraham, He told Abraham to leave Komboni life!

  4. Let jokers enjoy their dreams with snakes and doves or pigeons.Which or who are their people who are suffering.You borrowed recklessly and we can’t point at anything tangible to show case that the money was channeled here.Money was borrowed, how and where was it used? No trace

  5. So if Ukwa is an alliance of jokers how about something called Upnd alliance ? How can an alliance have name of one particular party in the grouping. From onset it showed selfishness on part of Upnd. And we the enlightened warned KBF, Msoni and others , they did not listen. Now they are crying foul. That selfishness in Upnd has now destroyed the country, because the worst tribalism and nepotism have been witnessed in the country never seen before! The worst crookedness and greediness have been witnessed since independence. These are people rip the country behind closed doors and during the day they are on top of any hills claiming to be fighting corruption, when they themselves are very corrupt, selling the country’s assets! We have witnessed the worst abrogation of the constitution since independence and some people think they are very clever ati they have destroyed the opposition. They have not destroyed any opposition because the opposition is the people of Zambia, and not a particular party, and people of Zambia shall deal with Upnd when the time comes! And Upnd faces de-registration once out of power for abrogating the constitution so that future leaders can learn from them! So ba Katwishi and others you are free to call UKA presidents any names, prostitutes, crooks, thieves, drunks, fake pastors etc but they are the most popular grouping in Zambia today, and you will die from Bp because the people of Zambia have made up their minds, they can’t continue sleeping hungry because Upnd failures! Period! Chile mikalipa because Upnd has failed, but we told you! Now because your support is tribal even if Upnd can’t deliver , in your dreams it has delivered. Things are very bad in country. Only a not sincere person can support Upnd as at now.


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