… says the United Kwacha Alliance has put in place a plan to ensure the 2026 General Elections are not tempered with.


United Kwacha Alliance member Jackson Silavwe says they will not accept the outcome of the 2026 elections results if the UPND rigs.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium TV, Mr. Silavwe who is Golden Party of Zambia President said UKA will not allow the UPND to temper with the 2026 elections results.

He said the Alliance has since put in place a plan to counter any attempts by the ruling party to manipulate the 2026 polls.

And Mr. Silavwe said Zambia is not yet ready for the electronic voting system and more consultations with stakeholders are needed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silavwe said there is a sustained and systematic assault on democracy using institutions of governance.

” There is sustained assault on democracy using State Institutions of Governance which are supposed to safeguard the interests of the people. The conduct of parliament when dealing with PF intra party wrangles leaves much to be desired, the Speaker took sides making Parliament to be a circus, Mr. Silavwe said.

And Mr. Silavwe said it is sad that the UPND are feeding people with lies and hate and UKA is trying to bring unity in the country.

” There are people that benefit from Zambia not being united because they enrich themselves and push policies that do not represent the masses,” he said.

The GPZ leader also slammed the media for misquoting President Lungu’s statement on free education.

” The former President Edgar Lungu was very categorical, he never said he will abolish free education but he said we will improve quality education and also work on the teacher pupil ratio. The media need to be truthful and avoid dividing the country, ” Mr. Silavwe said.


  1. UKA’s inbuilt weakness is it’s composition especially the PF factor, but they will be facing the weakest party since independence in UPND, UPND has proved to be the weakest in terms of grass root mobilisation since independence. They were good while in opposition but have forgotten the importance of grassroot mobilisation since coming into power

  2. This is comedy for sure. We are in 2024. Why let imagination go off like this. Why the frightened state of mind due to a converstaion with yourself.

    Let’s hear about the alternative solutions you will provide for the mess we were left in by the previous administration. Or is there an assumption that there was a clean and thriving economy left behind.

    Expression of fear is not a good projection of your capabilities. Please give substance. We are waiting to hear about what you will practically do about this debt if you take over.

    How you intend to fuel, electricity., Maize issue with this pending drought problem.

    Convince us with solutions.

  3. You haven’t even registered a party yet, don’t have a single MP or councillor and you are already threatening not to accept losing an election that is 2 years away. That sounds very abnormal. Where are you basing your claim. You don’t even have a single constuency.

    • This is very strange indeed fundamentally because there is no basis for making such an outrageous assumption that UPND will attempt to rig the next general election.

  4. UKA will be disgraced in 2026 and for your information the new dawn government will not rig the elections. Your alliance is living in the pass and keep on dreaming as you will never form government. Keep enjoying the proceeds of corruption and thieving. Most of the Members of UKA are one man or paperhead party it their opportunity to milk from Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  5. Silavwe can do much better than this!! He is a young man with his whole political future ahead of him. Why spoil it by being used as a chola boy for these finished politicians? Talking about election rigging now!! These guys really have nothing to talk about.

  6. This is totally an amateur kind of politicking by this sulavwe, how do you begin crying for a riged election before you even cast a vote ,you want to defend menomeno Edgar lungu who confidently said he will scrap out free education, was he dreaming or maybe he was being used by his friend Mr jamason or kachasu, lungu is an amateur in terms of politics and careless on his mouth like a prostitute

  7. Whoever cries foul before playing the game already has a loser mentality … Kikikiki
    The threat by UKA to remove free Education is already a big dent and loss!
    Who would want to take that risk?


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