Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country is at a “turning point”.

He also cast doubt on Russia’s claims it is de-escalating fighting in his country, calling it the precursor to “new strikes” in the eastern breakway Ukrainian region of Donbas.

In a televised address, Zelensky said that the “so-called withdrawal” of Russian forces away from Kyiv is “the consequence of the work of our defenders”.

“We don’t believe anyone. Not a single beautiful word,” he said. “There’s a real situation on the battlefield and that’s the most important thing. We will not give anything away.”

Similarly, Zelensky said that while peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are ongoing, for now “these are only words, no specifics yet”.

Zelensky also said Ukraine has the right to ask for weapons from the international community, including aircraft and artillery.

“Freedom must be armed as well as tyranny,” he said.


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