Authored By Mupishi Jones

It’ll be difficult for Zambians to delink UKWA from PF as long as Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu remains a dominant figure in it.Mr Sakwiba Sikota is not a factor in Zambian politics to propel UKWA into government neither is Kalaba nor Silavwe.They need ECL to continue providing resources.ECL is the windpipe of UKWA.This is where the dilemma lies for UKWA.

Purging ECL out of UKWA will turn it into a stillborn organisation.It will die like Sakwibas political party.Kalaba and Silavwes political parties are equally fading out of steam.Allowing ECL to take a leading role, again makes UKWA synonymous with PF.It risks inheriting all the political enemies of PF.Citizens will continue perceiving UKWA as PF.

All the negative acts, political hooliganism, thurgery behaviour of PF cadres will be associated with UKWA.Voting for UKWA will be voting PF back into government!

Only PF members and their associates will be in UKWA.
In its current form, UKWA faces huge challenges.Probably these are some of the hurdles in having it formally registered.
I submit

Mupishi Jones


    • Moomba is a chikala and a sympathiser of PF
      Meet me at Manda hills and we can sort this is like men….. Oh but you a small chikala so you won’t show up

  1. UKWA is Mr. Lungu’s PF. All the other parties are mere “inshindishi” (escorts).

    Without Mr. Lungu’s PF, there is no UKWA. Which opposition leader would want to be in an alliance if they have got the numbers unless, of course, they are the dominant party? All the other small parties are riding on the coat tails of Mr. Lungu’s PF.

  2. Winning an election is a process, from the time of Kenneth Kaunda to HH.. zambian politics has been a process..the only ones who got the helm of power on a silver plate are mwanawasa,RB&ECL.Our first president kk suffered to an extent of wanting to quit politics,FTJ was almost slammed with a case of causing anarchy because of his stand against kk while king Cobra was almost frustrated to an extent of making him be referred as a mafia because of his political stance.President HH was frustrated to an extent of being accused of selling the mines, slapped a treason case, stopped to campaign on the copperbelt and not using the air space. My advice to the up coming politicians please be strong and courageous for you to conquer your enemies.

  3. Is that your biggest problem you Upnd member, Hamupishi? So that’s why Hichilema is blocking it’s registration because of Edgar Lungu being a member of UKA. If your aim as Upnd and Hichilema is to kill PF and delete Edgar Lungu from politics by using the Zambezi police service, it will not work in that line, because the one which is dieing very quickly is Upnd, and Hichilema quickly deleting himself from Zambian politics! It’s all happening in reverse gear for Upnd and Hichilema! Zambians know what they want and what is best for them, and Hichilema cannot force Zambians to want what they don’t want! Especially using the Zambezi police , not even Kaunda depended on police, he relied mostly on his OP Personnel! The same police Upnd is using will come and rest them when time comes do that they “rot in jail . . . ” as Changala put it straight forward. There’s no president in this country’s history who has abrogated the constitution as much as Hichilema. Anyway, things will change in November after Donald Trump bounces back as US president, this fun protection and support Hichilema is having from corrupt Joe Biden will come to an end, because Trump has no time for petty African politics and economics like selfish investments in car battery production and the mines. Trump already has an empire of his own! Seven months from now, support for Hichilema from USA will no longer be there, after Biden loses elections! Biden told the whole world that Edgar Lungu is “corrupt”, but now he is failing to tell Hichilema “that he’s corrupt and abrogating the Zambian constitution from A to Z . . . “! An an appeal by the Zambian opposition, to Donald Trump in office will help the suffering masses of this country to change the direction of this country! Dictators never win, they always end on the losing end because God does not

    • Mukuka your comment contains sh*t and disrespect. Yes presence of Edgar Lungu in UKWA Bag signifies and validates presence of PF in UKWA iwe. That’s a fact!


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