UMODZI KUMAWA FORUM IS NOT TRIBAL- Former Kasenengwa MP Sensio Banda

Hon sensio Banda


The Umodzi Kumawa forum which is in its formation stage is a developmental group in the Eastern Province that aims to unite the five tribes in the region for investment and developmental purposes.

The forum’s objective is not to be seen as tribal, but rather as a united front for the developmental advancement of the province. The formation of such groups is not uncommon, as other provinces have similar initiatives, such as the North-western Development Board of the North-western province. The idea behind Umodzi Kumawa is to galvanize the people of the Eastern Province and advocate for their developmental causes together, despite their different tribal backgrounds.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that Umodzi Kumawa is not a tribal group, but a developmental forum seeking to promote unity and togetherness. Unfortunately, some political charlatans and money mongers have distorted its purpose for their own political and financial gain. These individuals see politics as a means for personal profit, rather than service to the community.

Labeling Umodzi Kumawa as tribal is a form of tribalism in itself. Unity should never be viewed through a tribal lens, as the coming together of people for a common cause should transcend tribal boundaries. It is crucial to understand the motives behind deliberately misinterpreting Umodzi Kumawa and not fall prey to those seeking to exploit this opportunity for their own financial gain.

In conclusion, it is important to address the false claim that UMODZI KUMAWA is a form of tribalism. We understand that these political political charlatans are trying to mislead the nation and undermine the unity we are building. However, we, the people of the eastern province, are not swayed by these tactics. We are determined to come together for the greater good and believe that we do not require anyone’s permission to do so. Let us continue to unite and work towards the progress and prosperity of our province.

The struggle continues

Sensio Banda
Former MP
Kasenengwa Constituency
Eastern Province



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