UMODZI KUM’MAWA WANTS MORE EASTERNERS APPOINTED INTO GOVT…as they write Hichilema to consider an Easterner for the position of Foreign Affairs Minister

Edgar Ngoma

…as they write Hichilema to consider an Easterner for the position of Foreign Affairs Minister


January 9, 2024.

Dear our Republican President, Mr. Hakainde Hichiliema,

Firstly, we as Kum’mawa Development Coalition (KDC) would like to express our gratitude for
your efforts in appointing Mr Mike Mposha as Minister of Water Affairs, Mr Mtolo Phiri as
Minister of Agriculture, Mr Levy Ngoma as your Political Advisor, and other few individuals
from the Eastern Province in significant positions within your administration, We appreciate the
gesture of inclusion and representation so far.

KUM’MAWA), a group dedicated to promoting development within the Province and speaking
for the welfare of our people, we kindly request that you consider appointing more individuals
from Eastern Province in your cabinet particularly in light of the current vacancy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as you reshuffle.

We believe that UPND Members hailing from Eastern Province, as well as those sympathetic to the party within the Province, should be given the opportunity to serve, provided they possess the necessary credentials just like other Zambians from UPND strongholds.

We would like to suggest the following individuals, among others, who we believe would be well-suited for ministerial positions, including within the Foreign Service:

1, Ambassador George K Zulu,
2. Mr. Michael Chunzu

3. Professor Edgar Ngoma,
4, Mr, Lucas Phiri,

5. Mr. Noel Nkhoma,

6. Mr. Johabie Mtonga,

7. Mr. Dawood Mbewe,

7. Colonel Bizwayo Nkunika,
9. Ms Shelly Thole,

10. Major F Kamanga,

11, Ms Angela Chifire, and
12, Mr. Ronald M Daka

We would be honored to collaborate with the Government of the day on developmental projects
and work towards the progress of our beloved Province.

Kum’mawa Development Coalition (KDC) aims to strategically advance development programs
for the people of Eastern Province in the broader context for the modernization of Zambia by
advocating and defending for their interests and rights in all sectors. The coalition recognizes
that the region has abundant natural resources and the local people must always be engaged and
prioritized to discover and actualize their full developmental potential just like other Zambians

Thank you for your attention to this matter and wish you God’s blessings. Happy 2024!

Sincerely Yours,


  1. A cultail of unwise desperate political tribal grouping called UMODZI KUM’MAWA is hiding its evil agenda in the view championing of development in Eastern Province. Why promoting Eastern Province only instead of having the desire to look at a country as a whole?

    It is foolishness and pomposity style thinking to go to the extent of writing unsubstantiated letter directing the president to appoint someone from Eastern Province to take up position of Foreign Affairs Minister. A wolf can put on sheep’s skins but it will remain a wolf forever. This tribal grouping is very desperate to the extent that it has started promoting tribalism and ethnic divisions.

  2. These chaps think they can arm twist the Republican President into succumbing to their foolishness. Such demands are irresponsible and unacceptable. The President can never be pressured into making appointments into Government. It doesn’t happen that way. These chaps should know better.

  3. The president should appoint the best suitable candidate regardless of tribe. If the best suited is Tonga, then the president should appoint a Tonga, if the best suited is Bemba, let him appoint a Bemba, if the best suited is Lozi let him appoint a Lozi and if the best suited is a Ngoni let him appoint a Ngoni. In a nutshell appointment should not be based on ethnicity but on competence and merit. Stop trying to arm twist the appointing Authority

  4. It’s sad to read about some of these groups trying to apply some pressure on the President to start bowing to their demands despite their legitimacy being questionable. This is how state capture starts, these people are just after capturing the state and nothing else and that’s the reason why they shouldn’t be allowed. If they were a genuine group, they could have made their request or demand for example through the Paramount Chief Mpezeni or Gawa Undi. Now, suppose the Kola Foundation also comes with its own requests, could be the same or different requests, Northwestern Council of Elders also comes with its own demands, Chuundu Chaitwa also comes with its own demands, Linyungandambo also comes with its own demands and is already demanding for separation, is that not just confusion in the country? Requests or demands for appointments in Government are only done through the ruling party or the government itself but not through a group whether legitimate or illegitimate, it has never happened. That’s why I said maybe through the Chief because the Chief can whisper to the President but such a whisper is not for public consumption, we are not even supposed to hear about it. Umodzi Kumawa is already showing its true colors, it’s telling us that it’s not satisfied with the two appointments it has mentioned, i.e. Water and Agriculture, that is being selfish. Even going to an extent of suggesting names to the President, Bembas say, kuya sana uko bane, muleke, we don’t want confusion in the country. Zambia is big and everyone wants to be appointed, therefore people should learn to be content with whatever they are given if they get the chance of being appointed.

  5. Suppose the president had in mind to appoint an easterner before hand, I doubt it if he will do it now thanks to the trabal request.

  6. Foolish thinking. Your suggestion is absurd and nuisiating. Your tribalism will lead you to nowhere. Only best Zambian should be appointed.
    Useless idiots.

  7. I submit that this organisation should be banned forthwith for attempting to put undue pressure on the President regarding appointments which are the preserve of the President.

  8. Eastern province has lots of decent sons and daughters who cannot be represented by the likes of Chanoda Ngwira and self-styled professor Edgar Ng’oma. He used to run a forwarding and clearing company called Angoni Clearing. It closed down after ZRA cancelled its operating licence due to sleaze. These people have no mandate to speak for the people of Eastern province.

  9. Why not just support these people because they are qualified Zambians. Why the emphasis that they must only come from Eastern Province for you to support them. Something is very wrong with this thinking.

    Is it primitive behavior or selfishness raring it’s head above other regions. I personally don’t have a problem with the preference based on qualifications. However , to state that they represent Eastern Province and hence to request the President to pick a leader who will work for all regions while the primary reason is that he comes from a favored Province is very backward thinking.

    When will this backwardness end. I guess the generations to come will soon correct this deception.


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