UN Calls For Emergency Aid To Zambia


The United Nations has called for emergency humanitarian aid in Zambia due to the El nino induced drought, which has destroyed almost half of the country’s staple corn crop.

According to the UN Children’s Fund reports that more than six million Zambians, half of them being children, have been affected by the drought.

Speaking at a media briefing, UN Assistant Secretary General Reena Ghelani says two million crops have failed and six million Zambians are in need of food supplies due to the drought.

And Ms. Gheleni who is also the UN Climate Crisis Coordinator for El Nino said the amount of crop failure that the country has faced is very devastating and leaves many people in need of food aid.

Ms. Ghelani has called on the international community to respond quickly to avoid further damages.She stated that the government has responded quickly by releasing food from its strategic reserves but there is need for external help to fill the gaps.

Speaking at the same event UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Etleve Kadili fears that the drought might cause a huge impact on children in Zambia.

Ms. Kadili charged that the drought is likely to affect nutrition for children which might result in stunting if the crisis is not handled quickly.


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