Good evening esteemed country men and women. Firstly I would like to point out that I write this only as a KBF supporter who has had the privilege to work with and understand the way our vision carrier KBF operates.

My fellow country men and women, I understand with grave concern the frustrations that our nation Zambia is going through because of the saddening current state of affairs. I also understand that with that comes a lot of discontent from different sections of both KBF supporters and non KBF supporters alike, regarding his political stance/direction as we head closer to the 2021 general elections.

I understand the feeling of loss of direction from my fellow KBF supporters, this feeling is not because we have lost hope in our vision, this is so because now more than ever Team KBF supporters and the Zambian people at larg want change, change not only in the political direction of the nation but mostly change in the developmental, social and economical direction of this blessed nation.

Country men and women, our vision carrier hears our cry, but we need to understand that we can only attain the change that this nation so richly deserves once our politicians treat politics with the dignity and respect that politics deserve. Politicians need to stop treating politics as a simple too of enrichment for themselves and their families, politicians must stop treating governance as a tool to gain and abuse power. Comrades, a political calling is a noble calling with the sole mandate of saving the people and the nation.

It is for this reason that I would like to encourage and assure my fellow KBF supporters and the nation at large that we have not lost track nor have we lost direction of our vision in our pursuit to transform the social, developmental and economical out look of mother Zambia. At the same time I would like us as team KBF to do things differently, to do things without the hastiness that usually characterises most frustrated politicians in Zambian politics. Now I know that some will argue that we don’t have time on our side with 2021 in sight, but I dare say that time is always on the side of a carefully and properly executed plan.

Country men and women this team, our team has an opportunity to do things the right way, an opportunity to show the nation that not all politicians are the same. We have no option but to lead exemplary, we have to be the flag bearers in upholding and promoting politics based on values and morals.

My dear country men and women, May I remind you that our vision carrier (KBF) has on several occasions refuse to be involved in politics if the core beneficiaries of his agenda are not the marginalized Zambian people living in poverty. He has stated before that an individual should never aspire for a political position with only absolute power in mind.

As his supporters we need to trust KBF as a principled politician but also a very strategic politician who has set his political path with the plight of the Zambian people at heart.

My personal experience with Mr Kelvin Fube Bwalya has opened my eyes to the fact that good politicians do not make decisions for themselves but for their supported as well. If for example our president KBF was to form an alliance with HH for the mare fact that he wants to be in the corridors power next year, what then would happen to some of us his supporters who are not in line with HH and his policies or vision.
With this in mind I would to urge my fellow KBF supporters trust in our leader and trust that he will not at any point drift towards a political direction that disenfranchises his supporters and the plight of the Zambian people.

At this point I would like to call upon all members of team KBF and remind you that we have come a long way on this journey, together we have lost some very loyal and hard working soldiers and friends; and at the same time we have gained some more hard working and loyal soldiers and friends.

Let us remind ourselves that we have not come all this way and fought all this fight for nothing, comrades the dream of a high income, high employment, lowly taxed, infrastructural developed, corrupt free, low to no poverty, politically, socially and economically emancipated Zambia does not belong to KBF or team KBF alone, it belongs to the people of Zambia, it is therefore imperative that we do not fail them and their trust in us.

Country men and women, KBF is running for President of the Republic of Zambia in 2021. Let us simply wait for the signal.

May God bless you and may bless our beloved nation Zambia.
-Democratic Forum


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