UNIVERSITY of Lusaka (UNILUS) has banned inappropriate dressing such as clothes showing cleavages and exposing the skin.

In a notice issued yesterday, The University management said the guidelines are meant to manage the appearance of its students on campus.

It said UNILUS is a formal institution that aspires to guide the behaviour of students as members of the university community.

The university further said students who choose to pursue their studies with the learning institution should accept the responsibility of sharing the effort to achieve its mission.

“The following though not exhaustive, would be considered inappropriate; Clothing with derogatory, offensive or lewd message, political regalia, vests.

Men and women’s pants that expose or show underwear or undergarments or skin, this includes but not limited to sagging and ripped jeans, reads the notice.

The learning institution has further guided students to avoid shirts or blouses that expose the cleavage or suggestive or excessively tight or revealing clothing.164512607_4058561924155001_7545475565233478112_o


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