Unleashing the Wisdom of VJ: A Freedom Fighter’s Legacy Lives On

VJ during his 75th Birthday party held at Lusaka's InterContinental Hotel on June 26, 2019 - Picture by Tenson Mkhala

By Dr Lawrence Mwelwa

In a national where political divisiveness often reigns supreme, the voice of reason and unity is bound to resonate profoundly. Such is the case with Vernon J. Mwaanga, fondly known as VJ, a freedom fighter and senior citizen whose profound statement has the potential to bridge the gap between politicians in government and opposition. As Zambia approaches its 60th independence day, VJ poses a crucial question: have we matured as a nation?

Reflecting on the metaphorical retirement age of 60, VJ draws a parallel between the life experiences of individuals and the collective experiences of a nation. He envisions Zambia as a mature, wise, level-headed, unifying, and stable entity that guides its younger counterparts through the path of progress. However, VJ invites us to indulge in an honest introspection – are we living up to this ideal?

A key aspect that VJ brings to the forefront is the maturity of our politics. Are we conducting ourselves in a manner befitting the wisdom gained from six decades of independence? Do our politicians exhibit the level-headedness and wisdom expected of them? These questions challenge our conscience and compel us to evaluate our political landscape critically.

Beyond mere self-reflection, VJ implores us to consider how we are viewed by the world. Are we perceived as a unified nation that has risen above tribal, regional, and political divisions? To attain true unity, we must transcend the boundaries that have haunted us in the past. Our institutions of state, be they impartial, independent, and professional, must embody fairness and uphold the ideals of justice. VJ raises pertinent questions about corruption, urging us to fight it holistically, without any form of selective bias.

Perhaps the most powerful message VJ conveys is that public service is not about personal interests but the greater good of all. He challenges leaders, politicians, and citizens alike to dedicate themselves selflessly, ensuring that the principles of service transcend personal agendas. VJ’s invitation to introspect is a rallying call, resonating with his fellow freedom fighters and all those who yearn for a better Zambia.

The wisdom of VJ, passed down through the generations, holds the key to unlocking our collective potential. It is a clarion call to leverage the sense of unity that defined our struggle for independence. As we embrace a new year, VJ’s words ring true – it is time to reflect, unite, and move forward towards a future where peace and prosperity are not distant dreams but the reality cherished by every Zambian.

VJ’s legacy as a freedom fighter propels us to honor his teachings and build a mature nation characterized by a mature government and a mature opposition. Let us seize this opportune moment to engage in constructive and sincere dialogue, nurturing the spirit of unity that has been an integral part of our history. Together, we can embody the wisdom of VJ, ensuring that his departure from this world is met with the knowledge that we have tirelessly strived to address the fundamental challenges facing our beloved mother Zambia.

As the sun sets on 2023, let us embark on a rewarding 2024, propelled by the wisdom of VJ. Let his legacy be a catalyst for change, transforming our nation into an epitome of unity, progress, and prosperity. The Freedom Fighter’s spirit lives on, beckoning us to embrace his wisdom and weave it into the very fabric of our nation’s destiny.


  1. I have read AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, VJ Mwaanga’s autobiography. It was written in the 1980s. The book is the story of a hedonist and little else.

  2. We need to remodel our governance system from this western style democracy where all manner of crooks criminals & now tribalists present themselves as leaders. They take the elections for a gambling casino, to get rich with ill-gotten riches through grand corruption & theft. We need a people driven dictatorship anchored on economic growth & rules on proven leadership, high moral standing, proven delivery in lower organs before ascendance to higher office. The system will veto opportunists, known crooks, criminals from political office. Grand corruption needs to be punished by a death sentence by firing squad. The West is in decline as a result of this liberal democracy. Western politicians are controlled by the rich corporate and LGBTQ who sponsor their campaigns
    China is in ascendance because of its people driven dictatorship and and tough no nonsense laws.


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