Unless they apologise to me, Zambia will never win any trophy – Prophet Bushiri

Man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has maintained that the Zambia National Soccer Team will keep losing to small teams and that they will never win any major trophy until the government of the republic of Zambia apologises to him and Uebert Angels for deporting them.

Speaking during a Sunday Church service, the spiritually charged Prophet said Zambians will try everything possible but that it will all be in vain because he holds the destiny of the Zambia National soccer team.

“They disrespected me when I was in Zambia. They disrespected Uebert Angels, the man of God. The government of Zambia has been disregarding men and women of God who speak against their corrupt activities. And I still maintain that unless they apologise to me, the nation of Zambia will never win any cup.” Said Bushiri

Bushiri was deported from Zambia after he turned into a cup of cold water in the presence of President Lungu and other government officials.

After he was deported, the Prophet cursed the nation of Zambia and said the national team will never win any trophy ever again.

Prophet Bushiri also predicted that Harry Kalaba will win the 2021 General Elections
-Zambian Paradise


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