By Lucky Munakampe

In the realm of politics, timing is often more than a mere coincidence; it can be a strategic move that shapes public opinion. Yesterday’s expose surrounding the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stanley Kakubo – MP has raised eyebrows, not just for its content, but also for the impeccable timing that places it in the aftermath of End of Year Presidential Press Conference.

On December 22nd, 2023, a journalist threw a curveball during the president’s press conference, focusing on the perceived sidelining of the Republican vice president WK Mutale Nalumango in favor of the foreign affairs minister on international assignments. The president’s swift defense, citing constitutional provisions and emphasizing the minister’s role, left the question hanging: was this a genuine inquiry or a calculated move?

Two days later, a bombshell dropped with an expose dated July 8th, 2022, alleging that the Minister of Foreign Affairs received a cash payment for the sale of a mine. The timing is too uncanny to ignore, considering it followed closely on the heels of the president’s vote of confidence in the minister. The president, in a somewhat dismissive tone, remarked that the public might not complain if the minister’s name were not Kakubo as some people who had vowed that a person from a certain region of the country including the president himself will never be president of Zambia and this people are still bitter with the fact that person is now president of Zambia and are still in denial.

The intricacies of this sequence invite speculation. Is it a concerted effort to tarnish the foreign affairs minister’s image right after presidential endorsement, or is it a genuine revelation of misconduct? The nexus between the president’s defense and the expose raises questions about the motives behind the release of the information.

Critics argue that the expose is a well-timed political maneuver, aiming to capitalize on the momentum generated by the press conference. By releasing damaging information immediately after the president expressed confidence in his minister, the exposé appears more as a retaliatory move than a spontaneous revelation of corruption.

However, defenders of the exposé claim that the timing is coincidental and that the release was independent of the president’s statements. They argue that the journalist’s question merely exposed an existing undercurrent, prompting investigative journalists to unveil the alleged financial improprieties.

As the political landscape becomes increasingly complex, it is crucial to discern the thin line between calculated maneuvers and genuine concerns. The public awaits to see if further investigation into the veracity of the expose will be instituted, as the timing continues to fuel speculations of political intrigue. In the end, the truth will unravel itself, but the impact of this well-timed revelation has already left an indelible mark on the intersection of politics and perception.


  1. These maggots are bad!

    So this minister started driving a brand new benz and yet the ACC or even Hakainde was not suspicious? No one bothered to check?

    Ba pompwe you bring shame to all those that voted for you.


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