Unsilencing the Voices: Breaking the Chains of Intimidation in Zambia

Dr. Mwelwa

Dr. Mwelwa
Unsilencing the Voices: Breaking the Chains of Intimidation in Zambia

In the land of Zambia, a chilling climate of intimidation has taken root, choking the voices of those brave enough to challenge the powers that be. The right to freedom of expression, a vital element of any thriving democracy, is being eroded, leaving dissenters vulnerable to retribution and silencing.

It is a peculiar paradox that in this supposed land of freedom, where open dialogue should flourish, questioning the government can expose one to a web of surveillance and persecution. Each critique, each call for accountability, seems to be met with a swift and calculated response, digging deep into individuals’ pasts to find any semblance of guilt that can be used against them.

But what of those who sing praises, who bend to the will of the establishment? They revel in their liberty, protected by a shield of complicity. They enjoy the freedom to speak, while those who dare to raise their voices find themselves labeled as criminals, deprived of their basic rights.

Zambia is not the first nor the last country to be caught in this endless cycle of revenge. Those in power may revel in their temporary dominance, but time inevitably brings change, and with it, the uncovering of past transgressions. The dossier used against dissenters today may very well be unleashed against the celebrated loyalists tomorrow.

Is this the legacy we wish to perpetuate: a cycle of fear, where one administration fuels the flames of intimidation and another follows suit? Must we succumb to the same tactics employed by those in power, or can we carve a different path?

Let us reject the chains of intimidation that bind us and strive for a better Zambia. Rather than tearing each other down, let us embrace a society built on dialogue, respect, and the exchange of ideas. Our strength lies in empowering every individual to voice their concerns, to challenge the status quo, to demand transparency and justice.

Change begins with us, with our refusal to be silenced. We must foster an environment where truth is not met with punishment but met with open ears and genuine dialogue. The freedom to express oneself is not a privilege reserved for the select few; it is the right of every citizen, irrespective of their beliefs or affiliations.

In our quest for a Zambia that upholds the values of freedom and democracy, let us not be defined by the actions of our predecessors. Let us carve a new narrative, one where the voices of dissenters are respected and valued, where accountability and justice reign supreme.

Unsilence the voices, Zambia. Stand together to break the chains of intimidation and weave a society where freedom of expression is celebrated, cherished, and protected for every citizen, regardless of their stance. Let our collective voices resound in unison, united in the pursuit of a brighter, more inclusive future.


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