UNZA Begins Selling Mealie Meal From Its Maize Milling Plant.❤❤💪❤❤

The University of Zambia (UNZA) has launched its first UNZA Milling Plant sales outlet to kick start the selling of mealie meal at the Great East Road campus. Speaking during the launch, UNZA Vice-Chancellor, Prof Luke Evuta Mumba, says the K26 million UNZA Milling Plant is a result of the government-to-government initiative between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and the People’s Republic of China through the presidential milling initiative.

“In July 2017 the Government of the Republic of Zambia graciously agreed to give one of the 3 milling plants donated by the Government of the Republic of China to the University of Zambia,” Prof Mumba said.

The Vice-Chancellor further says the UNZA Milling Plant project will serve two-fold purposes which include developing and offering programmes in milling science, a programme offered only by South Africa and Kenya in the region, as well as the processing of maize into maize products for income generation.

“The UNZA Milling Plant is thus a gift by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to University and, approximately, K26 million significant investment has been pumped into this venture,” he added.

Prof Mumba confirms that the milling plant systems, whose construction works finished last year, have been tested and gauged for effectiveness and efficiency. The UNZA milling plant has a capacity to produce 40 tons per day and is currently producing breakfast mealie meal (K135 per 25kg bag), roller mealie meal (K100 per 25kg bag), and maize bran (K2 per 1kg).

Credit: The University Of Zambia


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