28th September, 2022 – Lusaka

By Thandiwe Phiri

UNIVERSITY of Zambia Lecturer and Researcher Ntazana Mutungwa Musukuma has commended the top leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND) for restoring and upholding Law and Order in the country.

Commenting on the suspension of UPND Deputy Chairperson (Administration) for Lusaka Province Mr Saul Mwale Cornhill who allegedly insulted the UNZA Community, Mr Musukuma said the UPND must be commended for taking that whipping action promptly as it could never happen under the previous regime.

“Under the PF reign, such quick action of suspending an erring Official could never happen. We all saw how the former regime tolerated lawlessness, corruption and disorder, including illegal land allocation, among its Officials. There was no disciplinary action taken by top PF leadership against such mischievous officials. If it was PF still in power today, they could have been defending their insulting Official. That’s the difference between PF Party and UPND. Therefore, we commend the UPND for this bold decision. It is testimony that truly UPND have restored Sanity and do uphold Law and Older in the country,” said Musukuma.

The UNZA Lecturer has further called on the UNZA Student Union (UNZASU) leadership to call off their protests since the Official they are displeased about was suspended and the UPND apologized to the grieved UNZA Community.

“Protests should cease immediately because timely action was taken by the ruling Party over the disparaging remarks uttered by its Official. He was suspended with immediate effect and the UPND Secretary General, Mr Batuka Imenda, further apologized on bahalf of the UPND to the hurt UNZA Community including the student populace over Cornhill’s inappropriate language and action. Call off all form and manner of protest, bury the matter and concentrate on studies,” advised Musukuma.

He pointed out that the UPND Administration were on course towards creating a better Zambia for all and implored all well-meaning Zambians to give President Hakainde Hichilema and UPND full support.

“This is indeed the New Dawn. No cadreism. No lawlessness. No corruption. No thuggery. No mayhem. No violence. A breath of fresh air has truly come to Zambia. The best any responsible citizen can do is support the able leaderhip of His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema and his well-meaning Party, the UPND,” said Musukuma.

The UNZA Don described one year of UPND in power as a success story and urged Zambians not to be discouraged by Mr Cornhill’s disparaging remarks.

“Let not one bad element discourage you. The UPND are on course in creating a better society for all as evidenced by: highly increased CDF, mass recruitment of public workers, free education, Kwacha appreciation, falling inflation, reducing prices of goods and services, reducing cost of living as reported by JCTR in their latest report, restoration of Rule of Law as well as Law and Order,” explained Musukuma.

Earlier this week, a video emerged and made rounds on social media in which Mr Cornhill was said to be grabbing land belonging to UNZA and heard using foul language. However, the UPND as a Party clarified that Mr Cornhill had no blessings of the Party but was on his own, suspended him from the Party immediately and apologized unreservedly to UNZA, a move that has pleased Mr Musukuma, who emphasizes that such positive action by the party in power against negative deeds and words by its officials was never seen under the former regime.


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