UPND Alliance not registered, illegal – Edgar Lungu


UPND Alliance not registered, illegal – ECL

…says the Felix Mutati, Charles Milupi UPND Alliance was never registered but was allowed to operate, hold rallies and even participate in the general elections

Former President Edgar Lungu has challenged the UPND Alliance to prove to Zambians whether it is a registered entity for Jack Mwiimbu to declare the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) an illegal political organisation on account that it has not been registered https://epaper.dailynationzambia.com/public/


  1. Buse muli amano. UPND Alliance is not a new name Alliance. Felix Mutati and Charles Milupi joined an already REGISTERED PARTY ba Lungu please! So to register what again? N.B. If it were PF Alliance there was going to be no noise of registering because PF is which they have joined is ALREADY REGISTERED.
    Ahhh Some old heads have stopped thinking. How I wished human brain grey matter was on sell.

  2. UKWA can not register under the wing of PF because the Miles Sampa faction will not allow this.

    It is better they register as a new entity, submit a copy of their constitution (if they have one), a list of their office bearers and their personal details

    How hard can this be??????

    The law applies to everyone, no special cases or exemptions.

  3. I think our former head of state is and has missed it.

    The UPND and it’s Alliance Partners did not use any other name to describe it, they discussed it and agreed on what to be called ( the Alliance ) and they settled for their coming together as an alliance to be called UPND Alliance and that is why at most forus they, the UPND will say ” UPND and our Alliance Partners.” They, of course were and are many political parties in it. But being led by the big brother UPND

    Now for this UKA, if it was an already registered party it could lead the other parties like the way they are together now but ALAS the issue is completely different from UPND alliance unless otherwise.

    It could be okay for instance if this alliance can either be led by FDD and call it FDD Alliance or ULP kikikiki yabaaa. Party iyaba Sikota- one Bo bets party to lead the others and call it ULP Alliance, even the issue would not be there but since it is UKA I don’t know

  4. Has Edgar Chagwa Lungu become so confused and unrealistic that he doesnt understand the simple fact that the UPND ALLIANCE did not have to be registered? As has already been stated, all parties in that Alliance agreed to use the UPND as their platform or vehicle to compaign on and go into the 2021 elections. So ba Awisi Tasila should not mislead his Wailers. They should go as maybe the PF ALLIANCE, but that invite Miles Sampa to object. Or maybe as FDD ALLIANCE and field Nawakwi as their presidential candidate in 2026.
    That’s what Lungu should be advising his Wailers.


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