UPND And Socialist Party Are Bedmates On Homosexuality – Kabimba



The only time Socialist Party (SP) and UPND become bedmates is on homosexuality, says Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba.

Commenting on the homosexual movement who for the first time in Zambia’s history led a march past in Lusaka over the weekend, Kabimba said the gay movement is flourishing because of the enabling environment created by President Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND administration, adding also that SP leader Dr Fred M’membe is not someone who shied away from immediately staking his position on some major debates happening in the country, but he has been quiet since the matter happened.

“They will condemn everything else about UPND. The only time that the Socialist Party and UPND are in the same bed is when it comes to homosexuality,” Kabimba said.

He said it was up to Zambians to reconcile with their own consciences, if on one hand they think they can be Christians or holding traditional values while on the other hand thinking that the UPND and SP should be given state power.

“The Socialist Party and UPND have made their positions very clear on where they stand on this issue of homosexuality. They are sympathetic to the movement. They are advocates of this so-called sexual orientation,” Kabimba said. “So if the Zambian people decide to vote for them they should not turn around when they go to parliament and introduce legislation or a constitutional amendment which recognises LGBTQ rights.”
Kabimba said it always puzzles him that people proclaim themselves to be Christian and holding traditional values while on the other hand joining parties whose ideologies on sexual orientation are anti-Christ, saying “you can’t have it both ways.”

Information minister Chushi Kasanda said homosexuals who protested caught the government and public unaware as the permit they obtained was for women and girls issues, and insisted that the UPND administration does not support same sex relations, and police have since effected arrests on the ringleaders… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/upnd-and-sp-are-bedmates-on-homosexuality-kabimba/


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