Antonio Mwanza


….as Mourinho challenges HH to sell his new fleet of luxury vehicles before directing his Ministers

Lusaka, Tuesday, May 2, 2023 ( Smart Eagles)

The New Dawn Government wants to sell the Luxury Land Cruiser VXs to themselves at a cheaper price, Patriotic Front Media Director Antonio Mourinho Mwanza has alleged.

Mr Mwanza said this in relation to the recent directive by President Hakainde Hichilema that all brand-new Land -Cruiser VX vehicles bought after the UPND formed government must be sold.

Speaking on Live Radio today, Mourinho said the Head of State is trying to play the role of a hero when he was aware of the purchase of the vehicles.

He said what is more baffling is that President Hichilema is on record of having said that no brand new vehicles will be bought for his Cabinet upon forming Government.

He said as though that lie was not enough, they were lying to people that there was no money in Coffers but immediately they assumed office, new vehicles were bought.

“Balya bantu ni ba punka, they want to sell the vehicles they bought at an exorbitant price cheaply.. They were refusing that they were not going to buy brand new vehicles. But today they are admitting that they bought brand new vehicles and they want to sell. HH must sell a fleet of new vehicles he is using because he is on record of saying he had refused,” he said

And Mourinho has wondered where the President was when the vehicles were being bought.

“Mwalikwi, lelo after mwashita, mwabomfya you start lying to people that you want to sell Government Vehicles.”

Mr Mwanza said the country deserves an apology from President Hichilema because he lied about not buying brand new vehicles.

“This president lied to the Zambian people that there was a desire to buy new Presidential motor vehicles and he said that he refused. But he is now using a new fleet of Vehicles. There is a procedure which Government property is bought. This is a cabinet decision, they were fully aware that they were going to purchase these vehicles and he approved the purchase,” he said.



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