Antonio Mwanza


By Antonio Mourinho Mwanza

Finance Minister, Situmbeko Musokotwane says there is NOTHING the UPND Government can do to bring down the prices of fuel… wow! Just wow:

  1. What happened to the middle men they said they will remove from the fuel procurement and supply chain?
  2. What happened to the corruption and theft of the K3 that they were accusing the PF of stealing per every litre of fuel; is the UPND also stealing the so called K3 or they are now stealing K9 since they have increased the fuel prices by K9 per litre in the last 6 months?
  3. What happened to the famous formula and calculations that President SAMMY was braggingly posting on his Facebook Page? Did he lose the spreadsheet or calculator inasoba?

It was all a PUNKA story!!!


Governing a country requires honesty, wisdom and clear plans and effective policy frameworks.

You can use lies and propaganda to win an election but you can’t use lies and propaganda to govern a people. You need practical solutions not motivational speeches and blame-games.

UPND veteran member and national Chairperson, Hon. Steven Katuka is right when he says ba UPND need to pull up their socks because surely this is now MANYENGWE.


The UPND Government has no plan, no strategy and no solution to ‘fix’ the economy, thus things will only get worse, the price of fuel, the cost of living will worsen, we just have to prepare for more suffering.


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