…adds that President Hichilema is chancer who used lies to assume Office.

LUSAKA, Saturday, April 9, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

KABUSHI Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has described President Hakainde Hichilema as a chancer who used lies to assume office.

Speaking during the Round Table Talk, Friday, Hon Lusambo said despite boasting of being an internationally connected Economist, President Hichilema has failed to solve the economic challenges faced in the country since assuming office.

“There is nothing political about President Hakainde Hichilema. He is a chancer. He has no political history in the political fraternity. President HH told us that he is an Economist, but he has failed to use his career as an economist to make himself as a saviour to the people of Zambia. He said he is connected and the people will start enjoying. What we are experiencing today is extremely bad,” he said.

Hon Lusambo has wondered how the commodities in the alleged corrupt PF Government were more cheaper than the unbearable prices in the saint UPND Government.

He said it was unfortunate to hear the Vice President saying commodities have to increase before they can reduce.

Lusambo, alias The Bulldozer, said this shows that the current Government does NOT have an economic plan for the Zambian people.

Due to the alleged lies and failure to improve the economy, Hon Lusambo said President Hichilema would have resigned on what he terms as moral grounds if it were in the Western Countries.

“A Government with vision, works with midterm and long term plans. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu governed the country during difficult times. You remember the pandemic situation, the drought, he ensured that people were well taken care of,” he said.

The Kabushi lawmaker said President Hichilema’s team is like decorations because their is no coordination.

He said most Ministers in “Bally’s” Cabinet are on job on training hence the reason they needed to frequently seek audience with the President.

“All the Ministers are complaining that they are not seeing and interacting with the President. As Ministers, they are advisors to the President. So Mr Hichilema was supposed to open up himself and get feedback from all Ministers. All these Ministers you are seeing are all on job on training,” he said

Hon Lusambo has also noted a disconnection between the President and his Party the UPND.

He said the country does not know how the party manifesto is interacting with technocrats and Government.

“There is a very big gap, this means the manifesto is not yet incoperated in the system This country is in chimbwi no plan, Chipante Pante,” he said.


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